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What is a Thundervolt Zapper?
It is an electronic body booster.
What can it do for you?

Our 2019 ten-function zappers can make you feel powerful and destroy human parasites.* A Thundervolt’s two separate outputs crush pathogens between dual energies. Our units don’t sting or hurt, they build you up with 250,000 frequencies. Zappers have been endorsed by many medical professionals and are used globally. We ship worldwide.

These steal your body’s energy:

  • Arthritis or stiff aching joints
  • Asthma, bronchitis or COPD
  • Autism in children or adults
  • Candida, Crohn’s or Irritable Bowels
  • Cell phone, tablet, or WiFi radiation
  • Chemtrails, itching or crawling feeling
  • Lupus or Lyme Disease
  • Morgellon’s Disease or migraines
  • Smart Meters or “dirty” utility power
  • Shingles, eczema or psoriasis

Our Thundervolt gives it back.

In a nuclear accident or disaster, we believe our device can offer protection from reactor radiation.* Our units are safe and effective, with an unconditional money-back guarantee.*

How can I be sure zapping helps?

Our Body Tester shows how much stronger you are after zapping. Testing is quick and painless.*

Thundervolt Zapper user diagram

Many people suffer from Arthritis, Crohn’s, Lupus, Lyme, Morgellon’s or Shingles. If you’re hurting, tell us. We give free supporting info and advice on many topics because we care. We accept only personal checks, money orders or bank checks. We ship internationally.

Even if you feel fine, chemtrails can make you sick. Inhaling these poisons creates deadly free radicals in lungs.* Our zapper kills free radicals.* Our 250,000 frequencies can eradicate Morgellon’s threads.* Zapping has been done since 1895. We have excellent results with Autism, Lupus, Lyme and Shingles. Watch our video.

Thundervolts use a unique sensor circuit to find and kill parasites automatically. There is no guesswork of what frequency to select. Share your zapper with relatives or friends. Enjoy your new energetic lifestyle and have fun!


Thundervolt Zapper: $249.95
Thundervolt Body Tester: $49.95
Thundervolt 12 Volt model: $249.95
Thundervolt Zapper with Earthing Accessory: $299.90
Thundervolt Chopsticks, Meat Zap leads and Ezekiel’s Medicine book: $50.00
To purchase any of these devices, mail the appropriate funds by personal
check, money order or bank cashier’s check to:
The Coffman Company
P.O. Box 438
Greenville Junction, ME 04442
We do not accept credit cards, PayPal or other merchant services.
(If ordering from within Maine, add 5.5% to purchase price.)
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thundervolt Zapper

The Thundervolt Zapper  Only $249.95

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Why is our Body Tester important?

No matter what kind of zapper, Rife machine, supplement or remedy you use, you are relying on your feelings to determine if you improve. But our Body Tester gives you a number. When the number increases, you have proof. Without it, you are just groping blindly. No one else retails a Body Tester: (shown below).

Thundervolt Zapper

                                                            Very low cost: only $49.95                                                               Blue power cable, handholds and footpads included


Low cost, easy to use, no pain or discomfort, only available from us.

Usable internationally, accurate to .0000001, works with any USB outlet.

Powered by just 5 volts, full instructions provided, testing is quick & precise.

Safe for infants, children, seniors & pets*. Uses well accepted laws of physics.

Why do women need to zap?

Thundervolts may reduce female depression.* Women also have “female chest attributes.” Those attributes are traps for dangerous chemicals, toxins and poisons, creating free radicals. Our handhold device transmits safe low-voltage pulses from hand to hand across the chest. The pulses nullify* the threat of pollutants in those attributes by wiping out free radicals. Zapping has been done for 100 years. It does not interfere with heart action.* Visit our Q&A page for more female information.

For women: Protect your female chest area from chemicals & toxins; Safeguard your lungs from smog & smoke; Rid your breast milk of parasites before you nurse your baby-only with a Thundervolt! Click Q&A for details.

Why do men need to zap?

Men don’t have “female chest attributes,” but our handholds deliver a series of pulses through the lungs. Without pain, these safe energies eliminate free radicals, a primary suspect in lung cancer.* Visit our Chemtrails page for information on free radicals.

For parents: why do children need to zap?

Yes, zapping is good for kids.* Infants three months old have been zapped successfully. Children inhale chemtrails and that is dangerous. Zapping may improve intelligence and push up grades because it increases the number of brain electrons for thinking.* Most kids use tablets and cell phones. Zapping may protect their brains from 4G and 5G radiation, or Smart Meters.*

Autism now affects 1 in 59 US children

If your child is autistic, call 207 660 5200. We might be able to help.* We believe autism is reversible.

Do you ever feel like this guy?

Tired Guy needs Electronic Body Charger

Are you tired all the time? No energy?

You need a
power charger
to restore
your strength…

electronic germ killer

and a way to remove parasites.

Thundervolt zapper lightning bolt with bug and new zapper on top

Our Thundervolt unit recharges body cells and discharges parasites.* Zapping doesn’t hurt, it makes you feel frisky.* “After I zapped, my body felt stronger.” (Farmington, ME.)  You might lift more weight; run faster; or hit harder. Get more speed & strength into your game!

handsome man just used electronic parasite killer



 Our zapper could make you feel like this!

The Thundervolt Zapper

Thundervolt Zapper rids parasites, molds, fungi, bacteria, etc.The Thundervolt product (above). This is our most popular unit, designed for home use. It crushes pathogens* between multiple frequencies. Our circuitry generates ten refreshing benefits using state-of-the-art technology.

                                                 All standard Thundervolts are shipped with

one set of two handholds,

one set of two footpads,

one EMF Blocker,

and a CD-Rom disk of instructions.

(The EMF Blocker, the handhold device and footpads are shown above and below.) We can hookup to UK, EU, AU, South African, Israeli, Italian and Asian wall sockets and 220/240 power at no extra charge. The EMF blocker nullifies harmful emissions from “dirty” utility power when using the zapper. Note: The EMF Blocker cannot be used with 220, 240, or 12 volt devices. Because paper gets folded, crimped and distorted in shipping, we ship our instructions on a cd-rom disk. If the customer wishes, they can easily print a hard copy of the instruction manuals at home, a library, print shop, or a Staples store from our cd-rom. We can ship almost anywhere.

Thundervolt Zapper close-up                    Same price; only $249.95

12 volt model zapper. (above) Our 12 volt model is for those who have a windmill, hydro dam or other 12 volt source of power, or who live off-grid and have 12 volt solar panels. This 12 volt unit is not supplied with a wall transformer and must be powered by the user’s source of 12 volt electricity, such as a 12 volt battery.

The outputs are identical to our utility-powered model, but the input energy is transmitted by our supplied 4 foot (121.9 cm) hard-wired power cable with bare pigtail ends. No wall transformer is shipped with this device.

12 volt Thundervolt Zapper
Very low cost: only $49.95
Blue power cable included.

The Thundervolt Body Tester (above) measures the vitality level of a human being pre and post zap. You can verify the effectiveness of your zapping. It can even determine the benefits of other zappers, probiotics, supplements or herbs. Testing is quick and easy to do. A source of power from a USB port on a computer, a USB device or USB wall adapter is required. Our Body Tester can be ordered by itself for only $49.95 or with our zapper for $299.90.

Thundervolt zapper with Earthing and Body Tester  Thundervolt zapper Body Tester
   Thundervolt unit with Earthing and Body Tester $349.85   

The Thundervolt device with Earthing Kit and Body Tester (above) allows the user to do zapping, Body Testing, or Earthing (sometimes called Grounding). This package provides outstanding enhancement to the user’s body systems for $349.85. We give free service and answer questions after-the-sale. We offer free information and valuable advice even if you don’t buy anything. If you are puzzled about any of our products, call Steve at (207) 660 5200 or email him. He is the inventor and the owner. He welcomes calls 24/7: day, night, weekends or holidays. We accept personal checks, money orders, bank cashier’s checks, or cash.

Handheld Device

This is our handhold device. It has two separated zinc-plated tubular metal grips in a secure handlebar fixture. The metal tubes resists corrosion & rust, with white end caps and black three foot (91.4 cm) insulated 14 gauge heavy-duty wire leads. The two black plugs insert into the female connectors on top of our zapper. The plugs are interchangeable for cross-body zapping and better overall saturation.  A wooden dowel has been inserted through the length of the handholds to prevent shorting the two metal contact tubes together. This is a permanent fixture. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE.

Thundervolt zapper Footpad Disks

These are our footpads. They are two .050 inch thick by four inch wide zinc-plated disks with white four foot (121.9 cm) heavy-duty 14 gauge wires.  These black plugs also insert into the top female terminals on our unit. All four plugs are interchangeable for specialty zaps, deep intestinal coverage, or for chasing parasites, as shown in our instruction manual and our video. DO NOT SHORT THE FOOTPADS TOGETHER WHEN THE ZAPPER IS ENERGIZED.

Thundervolt zapper handheld device Crossed Arrows with white slash  Thundervolt zapper new model  Crossed arrowsThundervolt zapper footpads

Made in the USA

All made in Maine, U.S.A. by an honorably discharged veteran.

For athletes, health seekers, “preppers” and survivalists.
This is a must-have item for your “bug-out” bag!

All customer connections to this website are secured and protected by PositiveSSL software. No one can attack, copy or steal our customer’s information when visiting or ordering products from this site.

The Thundervolt Zapper was created from the combined discoveries of these exceptional people:

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

In 1895, Nikola Tesla patented electrical devices that seemed to increase body stamina. His research prompted others to explore electricity as a therapy. He invented the modern electric power grid, but he is most remembered for his Tesla coil and “Radiant Energy.” So zapping has been done for over a century. Tesla’s Radiant Energy would later be called chi, orgone, prana, life force, or ether. Whatever it is called, this energy can be released into Thundervolt users by the mixing of our frequencies from four directions.* After zapping, many of our customers report a welcome rise in stamina, which may last all day.

Dr. Rife

Dr. Rife

In 1931, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife created a 60,000 power microscope and also his Rife machine, a generator of electronic frequencies. He was the first to destroy live germs and cancer cells with his invention without harming normal tissues, and watch it happen under his microscope in real time. But a Rife unit has only one output waveform. Like a Rife machine, our Thundervolt’s fourth body-activated output delivers up to 250,000 frequencies. The other three outputs are preset. But better than a Rife machine, our zapper crushes pathogens between two opposing waveforms of electrical charges.

Dr. William Reich

Dr. William Reich

In the 1940s, Dr. William Reich discovered a powerful but invisible force he called “orgone.” Because he knew pulses of electrons released it, Reich believed orgone was effective against human ailments. He investigated his discovery for years, and used electricity to treat many patients. The inventor visited his museum/laboratory in Rangeley, Maine, to study his work. Thundervolt pulses can channel orgone energy into its users,* creating an enhanced feeling of vitality we call “the boost.”

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

In 1937, Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi received the Nobel prize for discovering vitamin C. In 1974, he found out there is a continuous back-and-forth “swish” of electrons between individual atoms in human beings. If something interrupted, misdirected or lowered these electrical charges, Györgyi believed it would initiate disease or even cancer in the surrounding cells. Visualizing cancer as an electronic problem, in 1979 he wrote a thesis entitled “The Bioelectronic Theory of Life.” From four random directions, our zapper electrons increase the charge level of this electronic motion.* Our devices are based on Szent-Györgyi‘s thesis and the additional research of seven other MDs, three Ph.Ds, and two D.Sc.s. For more information, visit our Credentials page.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark

In 1988, Dr. Hulda Clark discovered how to electrically detect parasites, molds, fungi, worms, bacteria and viruses. In 1993, she realized how to kill those pathogens in the body with an electronic frequency like Dr. Rife did on a Petri dish. She created the first practical “zapper” and zapped thousands of people successfully. But that was 1993. Her zapper had only one frequency, two handholds and no footpads. All Thundervolt devices have 250,000 frequencies, two handholds, two footpads and a Body Tester. Our users do not question if they feel better, they use our Body Tester to get a confirming number*. For only $49.95, you can track your personal level of body power.

We use large 14 gauge wire for our handholds and footpads. Each one of our break-resistant leads has interchangeable male plugs for easy insertion into our four top female outputs for cross-body zapping. Three frequencies (15, 2,500 and 30,000 Hertz are combined at the red terminal, but the fourth frequency at the white terminal is body-controlled from 250,000 to 10,000. Four bright color-coded LEDs at each terminal verify the operation of that output. Foreign customers receive a special transformer for 220/240 voltages and a wall adapter that will mate with their regional power socket at no additional charge. We don’t charge shipping fees for U.S. shipments, but we do add a $45.00 USD shipping fee for non-U.S. and/or offshore orders. We ship by USPS Priority insured mail within 24-48 hours of a customer’s order after the transaction has cleared our bank account, and we email our customers a tracking number when we ship.

When zapping, it is important to drink plenty of fluids, so that the body can wash away the remains of dead parasites and their toxins. Nutritionists often recommend eight glasses of water a day. The body uses minerals as the transport mechanism for this removal, so a good multi-mineral tablet is useful. These tablets are widely available at low cost. One per day is sufficient.

Some users require connector wires that are longer than the normal three foot (91.4 cm) handholds and four foot (121.9 cm) footpad lengths we normally ship. If longer leads are desired, call or email us and we will send low-cost replacements. We make this offer as a courtesy to all our customers.

As previously described, we have an Earthing accessory kit. Users can practice Earthing or zapping with our unit. For only $49.95, you can connect yourself to the earth while you sleep without buying a costly Earthing mat.  For more information, please visit our Earthing page.

Zappers are usually used on humans. What you do with your body is up to you. If you purchase our device, it may* protect or regain your strength for you or someone you care about. There does not seem to be any preventative defense against airborne chemtrails inhaled into the lungs, a random tick bite, cell phone tower radiation or Smart Meters, so buy a Thundervolt zapper today!

We also sell Ezekiel’s Medicine, (EM for short), a book the author wrote that took 30 years to write. EM was published in 2009. The ISBN number is 0-88144-393-x, published by the Yorkshire Publishing Group, Tulsa, OK.

EM explores the greatest mystery in human biology and offers a scientific explanation. It is a thorough study on the most powerful vitamin available. Our book is 384 pages of useful information on what to eat and what not to eat and why. EM contains 600 quotes from over 100 MDs, Ph.D.s and doctorates. This book is not available in print, but will be emailed in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

EM is the source of information that created our zapper. Thundervolt energies do not dilute. They kill free radicals, greatly strengthen the immune system, and boost individual stamina.*

Enjoy our link pages at the top of this page. We hope you purchase our Thundervolt product. It may be your only real defense against Smart Meters, GMO foods, TPMS tire emissions,  4G and 5G WiFi networks, and breathing chemtrails into your lungs.

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Neither this webpage, or the Thundervolt zapper, or the Thundervolt Body Tester, or any other Thundervolt accessory has been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure, or prevent any disease.

Do not immerse or expose the Thundervolt zapper, the wall transformer power supply, or the Body Tester to any liquid or foreign substance. Use only a soft cloth to dust the top of the units. Protect all devices from condensation and excessive heat or cold.

For babies, those who are pregnant, nursing, have a metal or silicon implant, have undergone an organ transplant, or wear a pacemaker, a physician should be consulted before zapping. For some people, zapping might be postponed when the user has a full stomach.

#***according to those who zap.

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