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Another addition to the Thundervolt line is our 12 volt model. The electronic functions of this device are identical to our standard unit. The outputs are the same. The only difference is it lacks a wall transformer. Instead, it is powered by any 12 volt source of power supplied by the user. This modification has many advantages, as follows:

A. It is totally adaptable to a customer’s source of power, including automotive, standby batteries, off-grid windmills, or solar cells. Any voltage source between 12.6 and 14.0 volts (maximum) that can offer 70 mA may be used. This unit is supplied with a 4 foot color-coded power cable with bare ends. There is no transformer present. The customer can attach whatever connectors are needed.

However, the requirement for 70 mA does not mean the outputs emit 70 mA. The supply rating is for the drain of the internal electronics, not the current emitted by the unit. Just because a Thundervolt needs 12.6 to 14.0 volts at 70 mA does not mean that the device delivers 14.0 volts at 70 mA. The circuitry uses power to generate its waveforms, but 70 mA is not being delivered into the user. The outputs of the Thundervolt are fixed at 10.0 to 10.5 volts, and the current delivered is at best a few milliamps, depending on body conditions. The internal resistance of a human being is approximately 100,000 ohms, so 10 volts dropped across such resistance will draw very little amperage. The user need not fear the Thundervolt will shock or harm their body.

B. For those who live off-grid, the ability to power a Thundervolt directly from their 12 volt source instead of having to use an inverter may be desirable. A Thundervolt typically draws only 70 mA. This drain is not going to deplete most lead acid batteries. Since Thundervolts use a voltage regulator, it can accept a fairly wide range of voltages from a minimum of 12.6 up to a maximum of 14.0 volts.

C. This model may be energized by solar power. If the user is hiking or camping, it may be refreshing to zap in the out-of-doors. Leaving the Thundervolt at home when going into the woods is not necessary. Backpacking with a solar cell is now commonplace. Thundervolts are not supplied with solar cells or batteries because there are so many brands, options, sizes and prices.

D. For those who question the safety of wall transformers, their objection is erased. This unit is not powered by a wall transformer. There is no connection to utility power or alternating current.

E. If one goes into the woods, zapping may be a defense against exposure to low temperatures. A Thundervolt zap may give a child the extra energy to prevent succumbing to dampness and cold weather, and missing school. High-altitude hikers may gain strength from zap sessions. If someone is unfortunate enough to get an insect bite, particularly a tick bite, immediate zapping may inhibit a parasitic invasion, free radical generation, or induced toxins. Zapping may bring quite surprising relief almost immediately.

Although zapping is not a substitute for medical care, the author’s wife recently suffered a severe wasp sting. A prompt zap session relieved the pain and suffering within one hour without further discomfort.

Because outdoor or in-the-woods activity expose humans to insects, and because those activities may be far from civilization, having a Thundervolt with you is a good idea. Even if utility power is not available, solar power, a portable battery or a cigarette lighter plug in an automobile will provide the energy for this 12 volt unit.

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