Body Tester

This device proves the effectiveness of the Thundervolt zapper.
It is the only Body Tester available for retail sale.

When our customers use a Thundervolt zapper, they intake a stream of electrical charges, called electrons, into their body. This results in an increase of electrical energy within that individual. According to Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, (on the Home page), every living human being has some level of electrical charge within them all the time. Within limits, the higher the charge, the greater the state of well-being. The Chinese call this charge “chi.” The ancient Egyptians called it “ca.” Other cultures have different names for it. The inventor figured out how to measure this force by studying the research of Georges Lakhovsky, (on the History/Theory page.)

Using our simple, quick and safe Body Tester, one can find out their personal level of body strength. By repeated testing and zapping, increases will be evident. If the user plots a graph, a visible track record will result. The test works using only 5 volts of electricity. No one will be harmed by this test.

The Body Tester operation uses the same handholds and footpads as the Thundervolt zapper. No additional accessories are needed except our supplied blue cable and power from a USB port on a computer or USB adapter. The testing time is only 10 seconds, after which the user performs three simple calculations with a calculator. The result is a numerical expression of individual body strength in real time. No two people will have the same number, and this number will vary from hour to hour and day to day. The test is accurate, scientific and reliable.

The extreme simplicity of the Body Tester procedure complements the value of the test. Using this device, one can understand and verify how much the Thundervolt zapper is helping when one zaps. Without the test, the user must rely on “how good I feel today.” If the tester is used before and after zapping, it precisely measures and quantifies the degree of improvement. It also gives a guide of how often to zap. If 10 minute zapping is not pushing up the numbers on the Body Test, increase the zap time to perhaps 15 minutes or the number of zaps until the number rises.

The window of body strength ranges from approximately .000100 to .0001350 on the Body Tester calculation. The closer to .0001350 the reading, the better.

Do not rely on the red, green or yellow digits of the Body Tester for indications of benefit. Perform the calculations according to the instruction manual to get a true measurement.

For only $49.95, the Thundervolt Body Tester is totally unique in the zapper industry. No other company retails such a device. Robert O. Becker, MD, spent the greater part of his medical career investigating the clinical benefits of inducing pulsed currents of electricity into the human body. In two of his books, The Body Electric, and Cross Currents, he elaborates on this technology, which is incorporated into the Thundervolt Body Tester.

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