Chopstick zapping

Chopstick Plugs

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Chopstick zapper

Chopstick zapper

Closeup of Zapper Chopsticks

Closeup of Chopsticks with zapper taped for support

We call these wires “chopsticks” because they resemble chopsticks; long and stiff.

To use the Chopstick method, straighten the wires by hand. Roll them on a flat surface to remove curves. Then plug the red plug into the red outlet. Plug the white plug into the white outlet. Secure the zapper at the foot of a bed three feet (.9 meters) from the user. Provide power to the zapper, turn on the switch, and go to sleep. Some users get more benefit if the red and white plugs are reversed.

The main benefits of chopstick zapping are: (1) It requires none of the user’s active time, since it can be done when sleeping. (2) If two people are in the same bed, both get the zapper pulses. (3) No wires are connected to the body, eliminating the chance of entanglement while asleep. (4) Sleep is usually done for extended periods, such as 6-8 hours, so this form of zapping is much longer than a typical zap session. (5) It has been suggested that if the zapper is placed inside a dwelling against a wall opposite to a Smart Meter outside the residence, it may block or dilute the Smart Meter emissions within the house.

The red plug terminal emits a waveform consisting of three frequencies. They are: 15 Hertz, 2,500 Hertz and 30,000 Hertz in a piggybacked continuous combination. The output is a 1-2-3, 1-2-3 repeating set of emissions.

The white plug terminal delivers a single frequency at around 50,000 Hertz. These frequencies are fixed and not adjustable. However, the 2,500 Hertz frequency is the one used by Dr. Bob Beck and the 30,000 Hertz is the one used by Dr. Hulda Clark. The range of the waveforms in diameter is about 15 feet, or 4.5 meters.

It does not hurt or damage the zapper to leave the chopsticks plugged in and energized indefinitely. This is especially true if using the chopstick method to block Smart Meter emissions.

For babies, those who are pregnant, nursing, have a metal or silicon implant, have undergone an organ transplant, or wear a pacemaker, a physician should be consulted before zapping. For some people, zapping might be postponed when the user has a full stomach.


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, prevent or cure any disease.

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