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The Thundervolt Zapper vs The Ultimate Zapper, Terminator II, and other single waveform devices

The inventor of the Thundervolt Zapper will not destructively criticize or badmouth another man’s creations. However, he will point out the differences.

Within the author’s knowledge, the Thundervolt Zapper is different from any other device presently available. His Body-Activation and Frequency-Freeze circuits, his 24 interchangeable combinations of handholds and footpads and his Body Tester are at least three levels of technology above any other zapper, Rife machine, magnetic pulser or frequency generator. This is not boasting, it’s just a fact. Here’s why:

First: Dual waveforms; opposing energies crush pathogens

Second: Interchangeable and swappable handholds and footpads

Third: Body Tester numerically verifies effectiveness and gain in body power

By importing three different energies against one into the user’s central abdomen from four directions with 24 combinations, the Thundervolt zapper attacks invaders from all sides. There is no escape from this electronic vise. Pathogens can adapt or mutate to escape zapper pulses if from only one direction, or if they have to resist only one or two frequencies. But our device not only opposes parasites from four directions, its dual waveforms seek and destroy them with opposing polarities. This plus-minus and minus-plus alternating mixture of electrons shatters them into oblivion.

Our shiny red Thundervolt zapper doesn’t need rocks, crystals, coils or magnets to do its work. It just hammers pathogens into lifeless goo. Without further suffering, people can now relax and enjoy the pleasures of life. One of our Arkansas users got rid of genital herpes in four days with our unit. Eight years of itching, scratching and burning were history. Imagine her relief! You can feel better too-that’s why our customers say: “I don’t need to nap-I zap! Buy a Thundervolt today and start living to your full potential.

For those who want technical or scientific reasons for our claims, here’s a list of our product’s many attributes:

The Thundervolt Zapper                                 Other zapper-like products

We hookup to AU, EU & Asia power                 Capability unknown or not mentioned
Four frequencies, all at one time                       One frequency(s), one at a time
Three frequencies intertwined                           Single frequencies, not opposing
Four frequencies into two waveforms                Only one waveform
One frequency opposing three others               Not offered
Two waveforms with opposing polarity              No opposing polarity
Four energies pulsing in four directions             One energy going in one direction
Body-Activation circuitry included                      Not available
Frequency Freeze circuitry included                  Not available
Interchangeable plug-in outputs                        Only hard-wired outputs
No weak battery operation                                 Many devices use batteries
No continued cost of 9 volt batteries                  Penalty of repeated battery cost
12 volt alternate model                                       No 12 volt models available
No deterioration of 9 volt battery                        Deterioration of waveform with 9 volt
Two handholds, two footpads standard             Some zappers do not have footpads
Four LEDs to verify working outputs                  Not present on other units
Chart of 24 configurations of outputs                 No charts provided
Fixed DC transformer input                                Battery operated devices deteriorate
LEDs do not steal waveform power                   LEDs may rob outputs of energy
Huge 3.4 volt positive offset                               Other zappers use .25 volt offset
Body-friendly zinc handholds & footpads           Others use stainless steel or copper
Zinc will not tarnish, corrode or rust                   Stainless steel is 8% nickel: pollutant
Criss-cross saturation of abdomen                    No criss-cross zapping possible
Rugged 14 gauge wire leads                             Others use flimsy 22 gauge leads
Footpads may be used to chase parasites        No other zapper makes this claim
Unbreakable handholds and footpads               Other zappers use flimsy materials
USB flash drive manual-convenient, portable    Other zappers use paper or online
Body Tester verifies effectiveness                      None available for retail sale
Body Tester advises how long to zap                 Other zappers’ guessing game
Body Tester gives track record of progress        No other Body Testers available
Body Tester is not expensive                              No other Body Testers available
Earthing accessory kit available                         No Earthing accessories available
Earthing accessory kit negates $$ mats             No Earthing accessories available
Earthing accessory blocker for RF                      Dirty EMF or RF cannot be blocked
Earthing or zapping now possible                       Earthing and zapping not possible
Possible shield against chemtrails                      No defense mentioned
Possible shield against Smart Meters               No defense mentioned                                                 Meat Zap accessory leads available              Not available                                                          Chopstick zapping accessory leads                  Not available                                                                EMF Blocker for zapper                                      Not available

There is no other defense against chemtrails because everyone must breathe. Sooner or later everyone on the planet will get sick from inhaling these toxic airborne compounds. Our Thundervolt can* nullify free radicals and give your system a fighting chance. Order yours today, and thank you for your time with us!


*according to those who zap.

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