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The Coffman Company, P.O. Box 0438, Greenville Junction, ME 04442-0438.

Our company is aware that many people are suffering from new, strange, and unexplainable conditions and ailments. Some of this agony comes from known maladies, but more and more people are hurting from unknown causes for which there is no recognized treatment or cure available. We sympathize with you, and we do care.

Unfortunately, a large majority of people who suffer the most are those in poverty. The wealthy get sick like anyone else, but they can afford the shocking and sky-high costs of modern healthcare. Those who cannot pay may simply wither away and perish without anyone to help them.

Our company has priced our Thundervolts carefully. Our zapper is $100. less than our nearest four-frequency competitor. Our prices have not changed in five years. We do not give our zappers away for free, because we cannot stay in business if we do. But we feel it is wrong to deny our products to someone solely on the basis of how rich they are. Every human being has the capacity to suffer, no matter how large or small their bank account.

If you are absolutely at “the end of your rope” in misery, or enduring the worst of Morgellon’s or some other disorder and have no one to turn to or hope of recovery, call us or email us and we will try to help you. We have a large database of information, including over 50 remedies for arthritis. We often give our information away for free. Sincerely,

Steve Coffman, inventor and owner of the Thundervolt Zapper.
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