On our home page, we state that our device originates from seven MDs, three Ph.D.s, and two D.Scs. Here they are in alphabetical order, and a brief summary of why each one’s research was so important in the design of the Thundervolt zapper.

Robert Beck Beck, Robert C., D.Sc. Beck became interested in electro-medicine after finding a Lakhovsky Multi-Wave-Oscillator in a hospital basement. He later designed his own devices and restored many patients to full potential. His three-energy output was similar to one of the two Thundervolt waveforms.

Robert Becker Becker, Robert O., MD. Becker was an orthopedic surgeon and a gifted researcher in electro-medicine. He warned against high-voltage power lines and radio station towers. He wrote The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and Life, and Cross Currents. He proved that all living organisms emit a measurable electrical charge. In humans, this charge is the body’s vitality level, and is detected by the Thundervolt Body Tester.

Robert Cathcart Cathcart, Robert F., MD. Cathcart emphasized a break-over point of electrons in humans and what benefits could be obtained when this energy threshold is exceeded. This level is different for every individual. The Thundervolt zapper pumps electrons into body cells, increasing the user’s strength.

Hulda Clark Clark, Hulda R., Ph.D. Clark wrote The Cure for All Diseases and invented the first practical zapper. Her unit was brilliant in its day, but it had only one frequency and lacked footpads. A Thundervolt zapper has two handholds, two footpads, two waveforms, four frequencies, 10 functions and a Body Tester.

John Ely Ely, John T. A. Ph.D. Ely wrote a brilliant thesis examining the difference between aging in animals and humans. His irrefutable conclusion why humans age and suffer civilization diseases is because of swarms of free radicals. His findings are based upon the electronic threshold and donation theory promoted by Dr. Cathcart. A Thundervolt zapper retards the formation and limits the lifespan of free radicals.

Frederick R. Klenner Klenner, Frederick R., MD. Klenner used so much vitamin C in his 30 years of practice that he must have had a railroad company deliver it in boxcars. But his methodology relied on electron threshold and donation. There is only one kind of electron. Our device sends trillions of them into a human being. Therefore, a Thundervolt zapper is electronic vitamin C.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD Klinghardt, Dietrich, MD, Ph.D. Klinghardt maintains offices in Seattle and his native Germany. His firm opinion that Smart Meters cause fetal defects and autism is being echoed around the globe. Electronic donation may replace electrons ripped out by these meters, or according to Dr. Cathcart, restore the well-being of those burdened with autism.

Linus Pauling, PHD Pauling, Linus, Ph.D. One of the greatest chemists of all time, Dr. Pauling was awarded two Nobel prizes, and had 48 Ph.D.s in back of his name. He threw his weight behind vitamin C, and made it a household word. Here is one of his famous quotes: “Everyone should know that the war on cancer is largely a fraud.” Readers should consider their options and our Thundervolt zapper.

William Reich Reich, William, MD. Reich was a controversial man. He discovered a powerful force he called “Orgone” that no one else understood. In his research, he found that excitation of electrons released Orgone into the human body. When a Thundervolt zapper is used, the “boost” of vitality one feels may be a result of released Orgone power. The increase in body stamina cannot be a result of the tiny pulses of energy coming from the Thundervolt outputs.

Royal Raymond Rife Rife, Royal Raymond, D.Sc. Dr. Rife was a top-notch scientist with a brilliant mind. He recognized that the microscopes of his day could not see viruses or bacteria, so he invented his own device with 60,000 magnification that could see the pathogens. Then he placed bacteria, viruses and live cancer cells on a metal dish. Under his microscope, he electrified the dish. As he tuned the applied energy to specific frequencies, pathogens and cancer cells died without harming nearby healthy cells. No one had ever seen or done this before. His discovery that electrical pulses could destroy pathogens without harming normal tissues was made a reality in Dr. Clark’s zapper. It was instrumental in the design of the Thundervolt zapper.

Sinatra, Stephen T. Earthing book Sinatra, Stephen T., MD, Ober, Clinton, and Zucker, Martin. Written by these three individuals, this book explores and advocates the practice of sleeping on a conductive mat attached to the earth with a wire. Earthing (or Grounding) has been done for many years, but only recently attracted global attention. It is very common in Europe. The Thundervolt zapper offers an accessory kit that makes Earthing, zapping or Earthing and zapping possible simultaneously.

Albert Gyorcyi Szent-Györgyi, Albert, MD, Ph.D. Winner of the 1937 Nobel Prize for his discovery of vitamin C, this outstanding doctor made another landmark discovery in the late 1970s. At the sub-atomic level of body cells, he found a huge charge potential of electrons. If this “ocean” of electrons was diverted, restricted, deficient in power level, or missing electrons, havoc would result in the tissues above. Györgyi even claimed that cancer was nothing more than an electrical imbalance in this electronic “sea.” The man wrote a thesis on the subject called “The Bioelectronic Theory of Life.” It has never been contradicted or refuted, and is the main theory behind the Thundervolt zapper’s construction and the Thundervolt Body Tester.

Steve Coffman - inventor I am Steve Coffman, the inventor, designer and owner of the Thundervolt Zapper and Body Tester. I hold accredited degrees in Electronics and Business Administration and an A+ certification in computers. I have 30 years of employment experience in analog and digital electronics.


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