Duo Zap

How to zap two people at one time with one Thundervolt zapper

We now offer a new method for two people to zap at one time using only one zapper unit. This is accomplished by using four of these adapters, as shown below:

Thundervolt zapper adapter  Thundervolt zapper adapter  Thundervolt zapper adapter  Thundervolt zapper adapter

     These four adapters are plugged into the four outlets on the Thundervolt zapper, as shown below:

Thundervolt zapper with duo terminals installed

     When these four adapters are inserted into the four Thundervolt terminals they provide two outlets for two users. All eight outputs are identical, so each user has the option of inserting the black handhold and footpad plugs into any female terminal on the adapters. This arrangement gives the users the same ability to switch the black plugs for the second and third zap sessions.

     If you want these adapters, please email us and tell us your wish to purchase this optional equipment. We cannot quote you a price until we know if you need extra handholds or footpads. When we receive your request, we will email you back a custom PayPal invoice and you can purchase the items with a credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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