Earthing with a Thundervolt

Contaminated electrical utility power house-lines

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Part 1. Contaminated electrical utility power
Part 2. Earthing with a Thundervolt zapper

Part 1. Contaminated electrical utility power

The creator of the Thundervolt zapper discovered that if a wall socket is used for Earthing, a level of radio frequency radiation (or RF as it is called) may exist on the ground terminal. This energy has been termed “gremlins,” “dirty electricity,” or “RF on the common.” If this RF is present inside your house, every foot of ground wire inside your walls is transmitting RF into your brain, your wife’s brain, your baby daughter’s brain, or whoever lives in your residence. The addition of even a small amount of this contamination may greatly increase your electricity bill, according to a master electrician. (Contact the inventor (Steve) at (207) 660 5200 for details on what one homeowner did to lower his utility bill $40. a month.)

The inventor also found a way to block this “dirty power” and make one ground terminal of one wall socket “clean” for those who want to do Earthing. But eliminating RF from the entire house wiring is very difficult. Only a licensed electrical contractor can totally rid a residence of RF. The task is not impossible, but it may be time-consuming and expensive.

The national electrical grid blanketing our nation is capable of transmitting dirty power into almost every American home. The author believes this statement is a fact. (The utility companies are trying desperately to install Smart Meters into everyone’s houses, so why not feed us dirty power as well?)

However, one fact is certain. The author extensively tested his zappers and found out that even if his units are powered by a contaminated voltage, the unwanted RF cannot penetrate his circuitry. No unclean currents can possibly pollute his zappers’ pulses. His customers need not worry they will receive RF from Thundervolts, even if their delivered utility energy is filthy. With other manufacturer’s products, well…?

Part 2. Earthing with a Thundervolt zapper

For those who do not know what “Earthing” is, the concept is not very difficult. It’s connecting your body to the earth. One way to do that is to walk across the ground barefoot. This is the simplest method. The procedure is also termed “Grounding.”

On a beach, one can practice Earthing in the sand, especially at the water’s edge. This can be very soothing. Or you may stroll barefoot over the grass in a park. Again, it can be enjoyable.

But most of the time, Earthing is usually done at night while asleep in bed. Then the body can connect to the earth for hours. This seems to offer the maximum benefit.

There are basically three ways Earthing may be done. The first is to drive a metal stake (the longer the better) into the soil and attach a wire firmly to the top of the stake. This grounded wire is then fed into the user’s sleeping quarters, and attached to some sort of conductive sleeping pad. The user sleeps on the pad.

The theory is that energy from the earth travels up or down the ground wire and enriches whoever sleeps upon the pad. The problem with this first method is that it involves placement of a wire from outside the dwelling into the residence. Tripping over the wire, or having an infant or pet get entangled in the wire, or mowing the grass may make this impracticable. Repeated movement of the wire may break the copper inside the insulation. Although  metal buried in the ground is theoretically the best form of grounding, if there is a radio station, cell phone tower, or large substation nearby, the soil may become electrically “dirty.” The author found this to be the case in three locations in the Northeastern U.S. There is no reason this pollution cannot be nation-wide, or even world-wide. Very few people even know the practice exists. Fewer still realize what harm may be happening.

Without an oscilloscope and a trained technician to verify or disprove the electrical purity of a wall terminal, one should not assume that RF is not present. If the user suffers any pain or discomfort while Earthing, a licensed electrical authority should be consulted.

The second method is to attach a wire to an iron or copper water pipe and run the wire to an Earthing pad. The problem with this method is that many of the houses built after 2000 use plastic pipe or the more recent PEX tubing, which is useless as an earth ground. Plastic does not conduct electricity.

The third method does not involve a stake in the ground or a metal water pipe. Instead, a wire from an Earthing mat is connected to the common or ground terminal of a wall utility socket. There is no danger in doing this because the ground or common connection of a wall socket does not carry utility voltage. Modern electrical wiring codes specify that this output must be attached to earth ground. Therefore, Earthing with a wall socket ground terminal cannot shock anyone. Below is a picture of a wall socket and the proper terminal to use with a Thundervolt Earthing Accessory Kit:

ground terminal plugs

Humans have connected themselves to the earth for centuries. Until mass production machinery made low-cost shoes affordable for everyone, many people went barefoot until winter. For thousands of years, Native Americans and many other races wore moccasins. Leather and animal hides will conduct electricity, especially if they are wet or damp from body moisture.

When high-tech industrial science and manufacturing turned their attention to shoemaking, the result was hard-soled footwear that was not made of leather. Neoprene, rubber, nylon and other synthetic materials became the new standard for the soles of the masses.

According to Earthing proponents, this use of artificial compounds separated the feet from the ground. Since plastic and rubber could not conduct electricity, any benefits of touching the earth were eliminated. Walking and Earthing were now disconnected.

Earthing advocates claim this unnatural footware has caused, is causing, and will continue to be a serious threat to public health. They believe reconnection to nature nourishes the body and repairs the internal damage of energy starvation. Their philosophy is: “Whatever is good for the sole is good for the soul.”

Pro and con Earthing arguments seems to split into three groups. One group says it has no effect, and is nonsense. The second group says it makes whatever ailments you have worse. The third group thinks Earthing is wonderful and cannot do it often enough.

The maker of the Thundervolt zapper is not going to get involved in a debate over whether this is a wonderful discovery or a combination of  deceit and fraud. It is enough to state that Earthing is alive and well world-wide. Millions of people and quite a few MDs and Ph.D.s are advocating the practice as good for body and mind.

It seems that zapping and grounding are in the same ballpark. Both offer energies to the user. Both have been enthusiastically promoted by many people for a very long time. Unlike fads, neither one is on its death bed. Nickola Tesla was performing forms of zapping in 1905, and Earthing has been done for decades.

Some people may object to trying this idea because they physically cannot drive a metal stake in the ground and run a wire inside their house. Or they may live in a complex five stories up and cannot run a wire down to the earth. But for those who want to practice Earthing, the author studied the phenomenon in detail.

He also found a way to bypass the cost of extremely high-priced Earthing mats.

His method is quick and easy. The Thundervolt zapper Earthing Accessory Kit contains a special red and clear EMF Blocker adapter, a yellow cable attached to the zapper, and a third footpad with a 10 foot (304.8 cm) green wire and green plug.

To perform Earthing, the user plugs the EMF Blocker into a wall socket. (The black Thundervolt wall transformer is not plugged into a wall socket for Earthing.) The yellow cable with the yellow plug from the zapper is inserted into the EMF Blocker. Then the green plug on the green cable is inserted into the green terminal on the zapper, and the user sleeps with the attached footpad touching a portion of his or her body. This avoids the unpleasant task of buying a costly Earthing mat. The Thundervolt transformer instruction manual has a pictorial schematic on the last page on how to attach the leads.

Another way to sleep grounded is to use a large sock with a hole in the toe. A footpad is placed in the sock and the green wire routed out of the hole. The sock is then stretched over the foot, providing a good contact between metal and skin.

For Earthing alone, the zapper should be switched off and the zapper transformer unplugged. For zapping, the yellow zapper cable plug should be inserted into the EMF Blocker’s yellow terminal. The EMF Blocker is then plugged into one wall receptacle, and the zapper transformer plugged into another. Although the EMF Blocker illuminates, there is no electrical connection to the yellow terminal. No utility power can be delivered to the user from the red and clear wall plug, even though the Blocker illuminates when inserted into a wall outlet. Earthing and zapping at the same time is not usually practiced.

Happy Zapping!
Happy Earthing!

We wish everyone a full and happy life!

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