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History of zappers

Low-voltage pulses, Electricity, Orgone, Brain Cancer

Reducing pain, restoring vitality, or repairing human injuries with electricity are not new ideas. In 46 A.D., Scrihonius Largus, doctor to the Roman emperor Claudius, immersed sick people in a pool of water containing Electric Torpedo fish (somewhat similar to electric eels). The physician wrote that “the discharges, applied to painful areas, relieve and permanently cure some chronic and intolerable protracted headaches, carry off pain of arthritis, and ease other chronic pains of the body.” Plato and Socrates wrote about this treatment for gout. The method continued on and off until the 1700s, when batteries replaced the fish.

In the 1800s, two experimenters named Rudolf Arndt and Hugo Schulz wrote about low-voltage pulse therapy.

In 1895, Nikola Tesla patented electric devices that seemed to promote health. Tesla realized his pulses released another force he called “Radiant Energy.” Radiant Energy is still a mystery, but pumping electrons into flesh to restore normal function or reduce pain is well understood. Today’s physicians use T.E.N.S. devices (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to relieve pain. It is a well-known and accepted medical therapy.

In the late 20s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife developed a 60,000 magnification microscope, which he used with a signal generator to study microbes. (Today’s electron microscope can deliver much higher magnification, but it can only see dead organisms. The internal electrical atmosphere of an electron microscope instantly kills anything alive.) Rife placed live viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells on metal petri dishes and subjected them to various frequencies from his generator. With his microscope, he watched pathogens and malignant cells die while nearby healthy tissues remained unharmed. Organized medicine squashed Rife into oblivion, but his ideas, some equipment and documents have survived.

A Russian scientist ahead of his time was Georges Lakhovsky. Lakhovsky demonstrated that the membranes inside a cell exhibited inductance, capacitance, and resistance properties. He found that applying an electrical waveform to plants and human structures would rebound into a beneficial resonance. Lakhovsky also discovered that the membranes act like tiny electric coils. These internal modifiers, multiplied by millions of cells, can drastically alter a zapper’s incoming waveforms. Therefore, the frequency of zapper pulses are not as important as dual inputs from four directions, which the Thundervolt zapper provides.

In the 1960s, Dr. William Reich, MD, discovered a powerful but invisible force he called “orgone.” It was later identified as Tesla’s Radiant Energy or what Chinese healers called “chi.” Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans knew about it. Healers in India call the force “Prana.” Reich believed pulses of electricity released orgone into humans, and he thought orgone could combat many diseases, including cancer. The author thinks Dr. Reich was murdered for his theories, but his dwelling, laboratory, workshop and many publications survive in a museum called Orgonon, in Rangely, Maine. The author went there and studied his research. In conclusion, Reich may have zapped people 30 years ahead of Dr. Hulda Clark.

In 1988, Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., developed an inexpensive method to detect viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, solvents and toxins inside flesh electrically, unlike time-consuming and costly sonograms, X-rays, CAT scans, and MRI’s. In 1993, she found out how to kill these pathogens.

Assaulted with superior energy levels at their own frequencies, Clark’s zapper killed patients’ parasites without side effects or drugs. Clark made sense out of what Rife had seen, and Reich had tried. From their research, she invented the first practical zapper, and then wrote a procedure on how to use it.

She found it took three zap sessions to kill pathogens in a human being. Smaller viruses or bacteria infect larger parasites, like roundworms. Until the virus inside the worm and the roundworm both die, the disease or ailment continues.

In 1994, she finally learned how to kill parasites in three seven-minute “zaps. “When I tested it [on patients], even though [they] had dozens of pathogens, all the pathogens died. I found no remaining parasites in patients afterward. This had never happened before.”

In 1990, a U.S. patent was issued to two MDs at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York City. Drs. William Lyman, Steven Kaali, and an electronic technician named Peter Schwolsky attached  tiny pulses of AC (alternating current) to patients. The treatment appeared to cure 100 cases of HIV in less than three weeks! Suddenly, the entire project was terminated, and never heard from again.

The following article was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Early Edition, June 5, 2007 and funded by NovoCure, Ltd., The Brain Tumor Society.

Using electrical energy to zap cancer cells may sound like a wild idea. But clinical trials at twelve major hospitals around the country are now testing it against the deadliest form of brain cancer. In this ScienCentral News article, you’ll read about one study participant who a year ago was given only six months to live.

Michael Quatrano’s head is covered with electrodes and he’s tethered to a cable TV-sized electrical box and battery pack. This is a minor inconvenience after the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that failed to stop his aggressive brain tumor from expanding.

In August of 2006, Quatrano was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), the most common and lethal type of brain cancer. He’d had periodic headaches before, so when he went to the emergency room for what he thought was a migraine, he expected to be treated with pain medication.

“I thought I was going for a migraine and they said I had cancer,” says Quatrano. “[The surgeon] operated and cut it and drained it as much as he could. And he told me that it looked really bad, and I had six months to live. I’ve had people in my family that had cancer, so I knew I had to fight. So I won’t give up.”

Previously, Quatrano had radiation and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. “Then what happened, two weeks after the treatment stopped, the tumor started growing again,” he said. “This was my last alternative. And luckily, it’s working out.”

Quatrano’s last alternative was entering a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of an unusual new treatment on patients with recurrent GBM. He had a 50% chance of being randomly assigned to accept a non-invasive device that generated electrical fields of a certain strength that might kill cancer cells but not normal brain tissues.

Neuro-oncologist Herb Engelhard, MD, explains it’s based on a medical discovery that cells are most vulnerable to electromagnetic fields when they’re dividing.

“Normally, in the brain, cells aren’t dividing at all—or very infrequently. And cancer cells are dividing very rapidly or very often,” he says. “So this treatment focuses on the property of the cancer cells, namely that they are rapidly dividing.”

Principal investigator of the study is the University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center, one of a dozen U.S. hospitals conducting the trial. Dr. Engelhard can’t disclose details while the study is ongoing. But, he says, “I’ve been very pleased with the results that I’ve seen so far.”

Engelhard, a brain surgeon, isn’t just an MD. He also has a Ph.D in tumor biology. “I was skeptical when I first heard about this treatment, I must say that,” he recalls. “But I think you have to keep an open mind about new things, so I agreed to be one of the investigators in this study.

Engelhard continues, “We’ve been very happy to find that there is minimal toxicity with this treatment. Of course, we all know about the bad side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. So far this new type of treatment has been found to be very safe. The study is being done to see whether or not it’s effective.”

“There’s no cutting; there’s no drugs involved at all. It’s very simple, almost too simple,” Engelhard related. “We’re putting electrodes on someone’s head, we’re putting an electric field through those electrodes, and that electric field is killing cancer cells.”

He was impressed by the results of a small safety study, now published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Not only was it found to be safe in the pilot study, it was found that it did improve survival.” Engelhard was not involved in any of the device’s early trials.

In the pilot study in Europe, researchers led by Yoram Palti of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology tested their prototype device on ten patients with recurrent GBM. While the purpose of the trial was to look for side effects, the authors compared the subjects’ time to (1) progression (how long until their cancer returned), (2) PFS6 (percent that survive six months with no progression) and (3) overall survival with compiled statistics from clinical trials of the best available treatments for recurrent GBM. The electric field treatment exceeded the historical outcomes in all of these measures, more than doubling the expected average survival time.

That led the researchers to ask the US FDA to approve a Phase III efficacy trial without first conducting a large Phase II safety trial. Palti, who invented the device, has formed a company called NovoCure that’s funding the research.

The Phase III trial, which is still recruiting patients, is a randomized controlled study to tell if the device is really effective. Only half of the patients are randomly selected to use the new device. Patients who aren’t randomly assigned to the device get conventional treatments.

Quatrano feels fortunate that he has the device. “Ever since I’ve been in this research I’ve been doing better, okay? So here we are, I feel good, I don’t have all the reactions from chemo and radiation. And it’s working out.”

Dr. Engelhard believes new treatments for GBM are badly needed because the disease is so insidious and, in fact, isn’t really a tumor at all. “It might show up on the MRI scan as a circle or a ball, but by the time it’s visible on an MRI scan, individual cells have gone deep into the brain. So Glioblastoma Multiforme, or GBM, is really cancer of the brain, and in my professional opinion, it’s very difficult to treat. Once the tumor does not respond to radiation therapy and chemotherapy–because surgery can’t remove it all–then one usually has a very short time left to live.”

While Englehard acknowledges that [his] device is “cumbersome,” he regards it as a prototype that could be refined if it’s proved to work. He also admits it’s unknown whether it has any long-lasting effects. [Thundervolts are definitely not as unwieldy as a cable TV box!]

Quatrano doesn’t care if he needs to wear the device for the rest of his life. His advice to others diagnosed with this vicious opponent?

“Fight–don’t believe what they say about only six months left and all that because in that time you go through a lot of drama in your head,” Quatrano says. “And this new therapy is okay.”

Practical zapper technology arrived in the 1990s. But Clark’s device used only one frequency, namely, 30,000 Hertz, and just two hard-wired handholds. The user could switch the handholds between either hand, but the outputs were not interchangeable. The four-frequency, four output, 10 function Thundervolt zapper is a culmination of Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky, Reich and Clark technologies.

The U.S. FDA has disqualified all claims and benefits for zappers. But they are used in Europe and Asia for spinal cord injuries, muscular restoration, nerve regeneration, brain stimulation, bladder disorders, heart disease, tumors and chronic diseases. Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, wrote about zapper theory in his books; The Body Electric, published in 1980, and Cross Currents, published in 1990.

Thundervolt Theory and Operation, Part 1.

How Badly Is The Earth Polluted, Part 2.

Part 1.

TPMS, Pathogens, Frequencies, Resonance and Body Tester

Note: A new threat to pregnant women and their fetuses may be TPMS tire sensor radiation. This danger comes from new cars manufactured after 2012. TPMS sensors are small transmitters attached to the tire stems inside installed tires. They transmit the levels of tire pressures to a computer inside the car. If one of the car’s tires gets damaged during driving, it usually starts losing air. The TPMS sensor senses the drop in pressure and sends a wireless signal to an onboard car computer, which alerts the driver to the danger.

Initially, this would seem to be a good invention. The sensors continually monitor all the tires and will warn the driver of a possible flat or blowout. But at the same time, RF radiation is saturating every passenger in the car. The emissions are strong enough to be detected 30 feet from the vehicle. The unborn are particularly sensitive to RF radiation, according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. Additionally, the TPMS receiver is positioned under the driver’s seat. If a pregnant woman is driving, her fetus is directly on top of the receiver. If your vehicle was manufactured after 2011, check with a tire facility or your car dealer to find out if it is equipped with TPMS. The inventor of the Thundervolt device is the only zapper seller to mention this threat.

Applying electrical pulses to a petri dish filled with live viruses or bacteria, and then increasing the frequency of the pulses until the pathogens perish has been viewed under microscopic observation many times.  Dr. Rife was the first to witness this action. Drs. Becker and Clark confirmed his findings years later. Then Dr. Cathcart voiced his supporting opinion on voltages and pathogens. So Dr. Rife’s discovery of how to destroy germs with low-voltage electronic pulses is creditable.

Thundervolts also destroy free radicals. Visit our Chemtrails page for a discussion on free radicals.

A Thundervolt zapper adjusts its fourth output frequency in accordance with the user’s electrical body status during the zapping period. The resulting waveform is completely independent of the other three Thundervolt frequencies. At the start of the zap session, the fourth output will begin at a high value (perhaps 250,000 Hertz), and then drift downward. This starting frequency is what we call “body-activation mode.” This fourth output progressively searches for one pathogen after another, until they are all eliminated or the user switches off the device.

No germ one-thousandth of an inch long pulsing at a few thousandths of a volt can withstand four energies thrust against it at ten volts, especially from four directions. Thundervolts channel four ten-volt impulses into two opposing waveforms that are electrically opposed to each other. Positively charged (bad) pathogens get crushed between these dual forces. Thank God, good bacteria are negatively charged, and aren’t affected as much by zapping as the bad ones!

A violinist or an opera singer can make a water glass shatter if they create the right note or frequency with sufficient volume. When the sound waves strike the glass, the molecules begin to vibrate. If the amplitude of the sound oscillates the glass harder than its molecular structure can withstand, the glass explodes. The frequency at which the glass disintegrates is its resonant frequency.

When the fourth oscillator of a Thundervolt zapper “senses” a parasite, it changes its output to match the parasite’s internal or resonant frequency. The fourth output has switched operation from body activation mode to “frequency freeze” mode. If the targeted organism is stressed by the zapper’s circuitry for more than a few seconds, the pathogen either short-circuits or explodes, just like the water glass. Thundervolts shift their fourth output back and forth between body activation (hunter) and frequency freeze (killer) functions. A Thundervolt zapper is a “hunter-killer” device.

Except for non-solid items like cardboard, sponge rubber, liquids and gases, every solid object, including germs and viruses, has its own “breakable” or resonant frequency, even steel. For example: When engineers design bridges, they calculate the resonant frequency of the steel, so that the bridge will not shake too much if a parade of cute high school cheerleaders trot across the main span!

Some of the following is copied with permission from Dr. Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure for all Diseases. In 1992, Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D.,N.D., discovered how to test people for parasites. Her first parasitic subject was the human intestinal fluke, a common parasite, and a scourge of humanity. She found it in the liver, not intestine, of every cancer patient she examined. Although the pulse voltage inside a fluke was very minute, she was able to measure it. The intestinal fluke’s resonant frequency was about 434,000 Hertz.

In 1993, she got an idea. If a patient was infected with liver flukes, what would happen to them if the person was connected to a nine-volt waveform oscillating at 434,000 Hertz? The parasites would have to withstand a voltage many orders of magnitude greater than their own, and against their own resonant frequency. She found that the application of such a waveform terminated the flukes immediately. When electronically trapped between the two opposing waveforms of a ten-volt Thundervolt zapper, a parasite’s inside energy is hammered backwards into itself. The result is an internal short-circuit. The pest either dies immediately or is so shattered that the body’s immune system quickly devours the remains.

Later, Clark discovered that if her zapper waveform was electrically elevated completely above zero volt potential, it was much more effective. This is called positive offset. (Tesla, Rife and Reich did not know about this phenomenon.) Lack of this electronic function is why some zappers are ineffective. Any spikes below ground potential actually feed and enhance the growth of pathogenic organisms. Some zappers have a great deal of negative offset (bad) energy in their outputs.

Clark’s zapper (and many others since) have an offset that is only .25 volts. The inventor of the Thundervolt zapper discovered that this is not enough to prevent random voltage spikes or stray RF frequencies from penetrating below the zero volt ground line. Therefore, the Thundervolt zapper is designed with a huge 3.4 volt positive offset. This stops all energy potentials from ever reaching below ground and solves the problem. Here’s the state of zappers then & now:

Clark’s 1993 Zapper        The 2014 Thundervolt Zapper
• One waveform               Two waveforms
• One frequency               Four frequencies
• Two handholds              Two handholds
• No footpads                   Two footpads
• Weak positive offset       Strong positive offset
• No Body-Activation        Body Activation
• No Frequency Freeze    Frequency freeze
• No LED indicators          Four LED indicators
• One harmonic                Multiple harmonics
• No Body Tester              Body Tester
• No interchangeable
outlets                              Interchangeable outlets
• No Earthing capacity     Earthing accessory kit

While on the historical viewpoint, it should be remembered that the original Rife machine was manufactured in the 1930s. Present Rife machines still use 80-year-old high-voltage vacuum tube technology. Rife machines also require a spark coil, which generates 25,000 volts when in operation. The chief attribute of Rife devices is their ability to generate high frequencies. But their internal 25,000 volt power supply makes them dangerous to operate. The Thundervolt zapper does the same job much more efficiently with low-voltage solid-state circuitry, which is much lighter in weight, less bulky, more reliable and less costly for the consumer. Thundervolts do not use spark coils, and the outputs are regulated to 10 volts, even less than a 12 volt car battery. Our zapper cannot be considered dangerous.

The Thundervolt device has two handholds and two footpads, so the user gets maximum incoming exposure from four limbs. The worst case threat to human parasites is to be assaulted by four frequencies, each one arriving from a different direction. But there is a problem. With any generation of electricity, there must be a ground lead. Considering four frequencies plus a ground lead raises the output requirement number to five, and humans do not have five hands and feet. Our zapper solves this problem electronically. Four frequencies, a huge positive offset, a sensor function, body-activation, frequency-freeze, a 12 volt model and opposing polarities of waveforms (10 functions) are blended into only four interchangeable outputs. This is a unique and higher level of engineering than other zapper manufacturers’ devices. It is totally proprietary technology.

Every person has a unique life force, or what Dr. Gyorgyi would have called a “human sub-atomic ocean of electrical charges.” This force is an electrical number, and can be easily measured with the Thundervolt Body Tester. This test is harmless, very quick and decisive. After performing the test, you have measured the strength of your “chi,” or body vitality. It will be exclusive to you and different for everyone else. The number will vary over time and from one zap session to the next. The higher the reading, the better.

For example, if a person is sick with a known disease, his electrical “chi” may be very low. Upon zapping, the Thundervolt instantly senses this level. Consequently, the frequency of the fourth oscillator will start at a very high value, perhaps 250,000 Hertz. As the zapping session continues, the user’s body vitality will change, and the oscillator frequency will follow it. If the fourth oscillation started at 250,000 Hertz, it may end the session at 70,000. If it started with 100,000 Hertz, it may stop at 20,000, and pause at many frequency-freeze interrupts along the way.

In addition to the body-activated fourth frequency, a Thundervolt has three other fixed frequencies (from 15 Hertz to 30,000 Hertz) operating at the same time. The total accumulation of applied frequencies for someone who is ill may range from 15 to 250,000. For those who are not ill, the spread may be from 15 to perhaps 75,000 Hertz.

A Thundervolt is like a Rife machine because it generates high frequencies. But unlike a Rife unit, it floats from a high number to a lower value during the zapping period, assaulting pathogens with thousands of different frequencies as it drops down. This barrage will terminate many types of harmful organisms. However, the descending order is not programmed, fixed or manually set. It wanders downward, depending on the internal condition of the user.

If a parasite is resistant to the body-activated waveform, the Thundervolt goes into “frequency-freeze” mode, and remains locked on that frequency until it completely obliterates the pathogen.

When someone uses our zapper, four outputs flood their body with electrons from four directions. This inrush offers maximum parasitic destruction by random switching of handhold and footpad plugs. By alternating the terminal plugs, a mixture of four different energies from four different directions saturates the intestinal area and applies tremendous stress to any residing pathogens or toxins. The electrical elevation of one’s body into almost parasite-free status frequently gives the user a blast of energy and stamina not often experienced by any other method.

Thundervolts offer a wide range of lethal energies against the 400 known human parasites. Because the electrical attributes of the body fluctuate during zapping due to electron input, the body-activated fourth frequency always shifts during a zap session. It may start at a very high or medium frequency, but it will decrease while zapping, depending on the individual and their electrical status. This decrease is normal and is a powerful asset to Thundervolt effectiveness. Keeping a track record of Body Tester readings before and after zap sessions may be an excellent monitor of one’s overall body integrity. Only Thundervolts offer all these desirable features.

Part 2. How Badly is The Earth Polluted?

Every living human being inhales more than one ounce of airborne pollutants a year. During that time, unaware people also gulp down 12 pounds of food additives, and drink a gallon of herbicides, pesticides, nitrates or hormones.

Over 40% of the nation’s hamburger and 17% of American milk comes from dairy herds inoculated with a Monsanto cattle hormone called rBST. This drug forcibly increases milk production, but it makes these cows so weak and sick that heavy doses of antibiotics must be administered. After only three years, the over-stressed animals “burn out” and are sent to slaughterhouses while still saturated with drugs.

Almost every item of retail food contains: Red Dye #40, yellow #5, yellow #6, synthetic sugars, hydrogenated oils, Canola oil, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, mono and diglycerides, carmine, poly-unsaturates, interesterified oils, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80 or sodium nitrates. Restaurant chow contains many pollutants. Fast food hamburger buns may contain ammonia. Nearly all retail vegetables contain GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). Almost all of these contaminants harm humans because they generate free radicals and steal electrons. It is a known fact that modern society exists in a toxic environment of approximately 80,000 chemicals. Thundervolts obliterate free radicals.

How thoroughly is our world polluted? Even open-ocean fish 6,000 feet down are polluted with DDT. Although it was banned in in the U.S. in 1972, it is still used in third world countries. They import their fruits and vegetables to the US. Other hazardous contaminants including mercury, lead, PCB’s, pesticides, sewage, plastics and garbage threaten even “wild-caught” seafood. All these hazards generate even more free radicals.

Mexico is the source for many U.S. vegetables in winter months, and has no federal agency to regulate the use of any pesticides. The individual growers can dump any number of chemicals on their crops and you will eat the residue. Bananas are so heavily coated with chemicals they are almost toxic to touch. A news article reported that food-grade shellac-which is used to make that shiny coating on jelly beans, and gives fresh fruits and vegetables that perfect, glossy finish is made from the excretions of Kerria lacca insects that are native to Thailand. Therefore, it is a good idea to wash all produce in a fruit and vegetable rinse, or non-detergent soap, and peel the skins, when applicable, before consumption.

It is totally impossible to avoid breathing smog, unburned traffic exhaust, or second-hand smoke. These contaminants saturate the lungs and blood with free radicals. Opposite-polarity zapping across the chest with a Thundervolt may be the only defense against these pollutants.

“Each cell in the human body is exposed to 100 billion free radical attacks per day.” In addition to threats from all other sources, many attacks arrive from outer space as micro-atomic bullets called cosmic rays. The sun spews out tons of very high energy particles every second in its “solar wind.” Due to the weakening of the earth’s magnetosphere, some of this radiation reaches the ground, and causes the Aurora Borealis, or “Northern Lights” phenomenon. These particles are known to generate free radicals. Zapping may be the only possible defense against solar emissions. View this link at bottom of page: Artist’s rendition of earth’s magnetosphere. Credits: http://sec.gsfc.nasa.gov.

If you board an aircraft and fly from either New York or Boston to California, during the flight you will be exposed to radiation from cosmic rays equal to about three chest x-rays. The after-effect of this radiation is widely believed to cause the “jet-lag” fatigue syndrome.

Dr. William F. Cathcart, the MD who prescribed more mega-doses of vitamin C than perhaps anyone else in history except for Dr. Frederick R. Klenner, said this about electrons and free radicals:

“What we are doing with the truly enormous doses of ascorbate [vitamin C] is throwing away the vitamin C for the electrons carried by the C. In other words, we are driving trillions of negatively charged electrons into a diseased patient, neutralizing the positively charged free radicals. Incidentally, this treatment also provides enough C so that the white cells become violently energized and destroy any existing viruses immediately. This phenomenon is only activated when a threshold level of ascorbate and free electrons is reached, which suddenly obliterates the free radicals. The flu, ulcers and gastritis might be cured with massive doses of oral ascorbic acid and IVCs. Lesser doses will not accomplish this action.”

After much contemplation, the author realized the electrons in Györgyi’s “ocean” that he believed were the essence of life, the electrons in Cathcarts’ mega-doses of vitamin C, and the electrons in Clark’s zapper were one and the same.


Advantages of a four-output Thundervolt Zapper

A Thundervolt zapper adds electrons to the body, exactly as Györgyi, Cathcart and Clark described. Its four terminals contain four distinct frequencies. These are carefully chosen to destroy parasites in the low, medium and high frequency ranges. Three oscillations are combined into a primary waveform.

In addition, our unique sensor circuit digitally monitors the internal electrical potential of the user while zapping. The Thundervolt’s fourth oscillator is dependent on that determination, and the frequency of its output is locked in step with the user’s internal electrical charge. During the zapping session, this secondary body-activated waveform is a pathogenic seek-and-destroy machine.

Our Body Tester is a quick and painless way to monitor the vitality of the user’s electrical state, upon which the fourth frequency depends. This test number usually rises after zapping sessions. Documentation of this numerical value may provide a track record of individual health. We are the only manufacturer to retail such a device to the public.

As far as human parasites, fungi, molds, bacteria, viruses, worms and toxins are concerned, their presence between the Thundervolt’s primary triple-frequency waveform and its counterpart secondary body-activated waveform is like them getting caught between a shark’s jaws. Invaders of all types get electronically crushed between three fixed frequencies and a fourth waveform whose oscillation matches their own. They cannot escape this electronic crunch of energies. They either short-circuit or explode.

Thundervolt pulses are billions of electrons. All electrons are negatively charged. All pathogens, parasites, toxins and free radicals are positively charged. Positives attract negatives, so zapper pulses are drawn toward pathogens. Normal cells and beneficial bacteria are negatively charged and repel electrons. Zapper pulses cannot, will not, and do not* damage normal cells or “good” bacteria, especially in the intestines.

Neither the inventor of the Thundervolt zapper nor this web page claim any potential healing or curing effects for this device due to FDA regulations. But there may be a huge unseen benefit. The constant mixing of multiple opposing waveforms every half cycle against each other may release volumes of what others call “orgone”, “chi”, “body energy”, or one’s life force. Whatever it is, one thing is sure-people who zap say they have more bodily energy, stamina, endurance, or get-up-and-go. If particles lacking electrical charges, like harmful pathogens or free radicals damage the processes of life, adding electrons to the mix should* improve the soundness and endurance of the flesh. Zapping with a dual-waveform Thundervolt zapper certainly adds billions of electrons to a human being.*

Since most people usually have four appendages on which to attach electrodes (two hands, two feet) it makes sense that a zapper should have four interchangeable outputs. This use of four channels is the best way to direct the Thundervolt’s four energies into the abdomen from four directions. By disconnecting and swapping the male plugs, an excellent cross-body zap pattern of opposite polarities can be achieved. This could not be accomplished if the handholds and footpads were hard-wired into the unit. The interchangeability of the four black male plugs into the four female outputs is what we call “multiplicity,” and may greatly increase the effectiveness of our device.*

*according to those who zap.

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