Thundervolt zappers help those with Morgellon’s Disease

We now have three customers in our files that previously were severely afflicted with Morgellon’s Disease. All three have recovered greatly. One woman spent the money to have blood tests done before and after Thundervolt zapping. She reported her red blood cells, white cells and three other blood component levels have improved. She no longer has the itchiness often associated with Morgellons.

We believe these triple recoveries are significant because Morgellon’s Disease is a global problem. No one is immune. The worldwide numbers exceed one million cases. It is frequently diagnosed as ezcema or psoriasis, but it is neither. It is believed to be contagious by exchange of body fluids like sweat or direct skin contact. The standard treatment for the disease often consists of tranquilizers or sedatives because the attending medical authority may consider the problem only psychological. But Morgellon’s Disease is real. There have been incidents of suicide because the tormented individual could not tolerate the pain.

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