We sell seven individual plans for preppers in seven downloadable choices:      Made in the USA
Pype Pwr, Spyglass, Stubby, Camp Lamp, EMP Vault, Camp Showr and Firestartr. Each is priced and sold separately (in USD.)
All devices were designed and built in the USA by an
honorably discharged USN veteran.
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 This is Pype Pwr! Download plans $20.00 (USD)

Pype Pwr is clean renewable electricity not from fossil fuels, solar, wind, hydro, combustion or human effort.  It is the ultimate energy source for preppers and grid-down or EMP events. Help stop global warming by purchasing this earth-friendly power generator.

#1. Pype Pwr uses three metal tubes inside a two inch PVC pipe. When Pype Pwr is immersed in any fresh water stream, pond or bathtub it creates substantial electrical power without anything else. Pype Pwr is designed to recharge lithium ion cell phones, power bank batteries or USB equipped devices. The unit has many advantages, including:

•No noise
•No batteries
•No chemicals
•No moving parts
•Unlimited shelf life
•Fast USB charge times
•Won’t pollute groundwater
•No oil, gasoline or propane
•Easy to understand instructions
•No limit on number of charge cycles
•Will function any time; 24/7; day or night
•No heat, smoke, fire, flame, or wood required
•Functions anywhere, can be used in remote locations
•No breakdown in components from repeated charging cycles
•Can recharge most cell phones or USB devices regardless of size
•No internal computer or microprocessors; Pype Pwr is 100% EMP proof
•Safe, re-useable, sustainable and dependable electrical power generation
•Works with any flowing or stationary fresh water above 32 F. or 0 degrees C
•Will operate in fresh water streams, ponds, flooded cellars or a home bathtub.

Pype Pwr works. It has been built and repeatedly tested in barrels and in a fresh water stream in Maine, USA. The power output is sustainable, repeatable, reliable and usable. This unit is EMP proof.

          The Spyglass Flashlight Download plans $10.00 (USD)

#2. This is Spyglass, the second item in our Six Plans offering. Here are some of its qualities:

•Low cost
•Hands free
•Small in size
•Water resistant
•Long battery life
•Very light weight
•No bulb to burn out
•No batteries to replace
•Can be mounted on hats or head ware
•Great illumination when walking or for emergency situations

Spyglass is so lightweight, it does not pull down on an eyeglass’s frame and does not disturb vision, even when reading. It is easily detachable. Because it does not require hands, it is great for working in darkness. It does not cause headaches like headband units. Their tiny batteries do not last long and are rather expensive to replace. Construction is not difficult. Spyglass has significant advantages over other light sources such as  tubular aluminum flashlights, candles or light sticks. Only ordinary DIY skills are required for assembly. A flexible cable connects the device to a remote battery. Below is a picture of the cable with an optional inline switch:

A cable was chosen to connect Spyglass to a battery because any battery attached to the eyeglass frame would destroy the lightweight qualities of the unit. Even small watch batteries would be excessively heavy, have very limited power capacity, and cost too much for their short lifespan. The best place for a battery of sufficient size and power is in a trouser pocket, purse or jacket. (The red strap keeps the glasses from slipping off, but is not part of the unit).

Spyglass may be powered from a Powersonic battery, (shown below), a power bank lithium-ion cell, or a nine-volt battery. The PowerSonic and power bank batteries are rechargeable, but ordinary nine-volt batteries are not.

This is a Powersonic 12 Volt battery, available at battery supply stores or online at Their listing is a Powersonic PS-1208 12 Volt 0.8 AH battery. The battery dimensions are: 3-3/4 by 2-1/2 by 7/8 inches. The battery weighs 0.77 lbs. (0.35 kg). The price is $21.00 plus shipping cost. Powersonic’s life with Spyglass is approximately 18 hours.

This is a 2200 mA power bank lithium ion battery, (shown above.) It is 3-3/4 inches long and one inch wide. Some larger power banks have built in solar cells. Power banks are available at Walmart and many drug stores and retail outlets. They are rechargeable and lightweight. Because Spyglass draws very little power, this cell will last approximately four to six hours. If the Spyglass battery is recharged from a Pype Pwr device or solar cell, the battery becomes an unlimited source of power independent of civilization. The Powersonic battery fits nicely in a jacket pocket or trousers. This common power bank is rated at 2200 mA, but larger models are rated at up to 20,000 mA.

A Pock-Its carrying pouch, (shown above) made by Nite-Ize was selected to contain the Powersonic battery. It is very durable nylon and is comfortable when worn on a belt. The Powersonic battery fits inside without pinching, and is easily removed. This pouch can be used inside a jacket without undue bulkiness or discomfort.

When walking, Spyglass projects an area of light approximately 28 inches in diameter in front of the user, and shines very well in fog or oncoming traffic. Merely a turn of the head points the light in the direction of vision. It is very easy to get used to wearing Spyglass. It may be mounted on the left side of the frame for left-handed people.

Spyglass could be attached to a hat or a ball cap if one does not wear glasses with a spring clothespin.

As a long-term survival light, for medical emergencies or covert operations, Spyglass “shines.” With a small solar cell or Pype Pwr to recharge its battery, it is ideal for a bug-out-bag. The inventor reads with it at night, and it lights up a keyboard for typing in a dark room very well without disturbing others or having to energize a room light.

Another feature of Spyglass is its efficient use of battery power. Ordinary filament glass bulbs only convert two percent of their power into light. The rest is wasted as heat. An LED sends 98 percent of its power into photons of light, and only wastes two percent. There is no filament to burn out, and the life of the LED is perhaps 100,000 hours. An LED is made of plastic. There is no glass to break.

This photo (above) shows what Spyglass looks like in total darkness about five feet above the ground. Its effective range is about 75 feet, or 22 meters. Not bad for a piece of plastic the size of a pencil eraser!

                        Stubby: A High Power Flashlight Download Plans $5.00 (USD)

#3. This is the third item in the Six Plans list. Stubby is an extremely high-power LED connected to a USB male plug. The device may be plugged into any power bank battery to make a really intense flashlight. It is very lightweight, water-resistant, compact and low cost. This LED draws 600 milliamps and the angle of illumination is 40 degrees, which is a terrific dispersion for a handheld unit when outdoors, working on projects at night or an emergency situation. Stubby draws much more power than Spyglass, but the Spyglass LED is a compromise between high power and long battery life. The distributor of the LED sells five of them in a package for less than $10.00 USD plus shipping, so it is not expensive.

Here is a picture of Stubby when connected to a power bank:

A 2200 mA power bank will last only two or three hours with this LED, but the intensity of the light beam is tremendous. The power bank can easily be recharged from any wall socket adapter, automotive cigarette lighter plug or Pype Pwr.

            Camp Lamp Download plans $10.00 (USD)

                                           Camp Lamp with one extension                                Camp  Lamp with two extensions                                                              for table use                                    for large area lighting

#4. Camp Lamp is our fourth item on the Six Plans webpage.The unit is a low-cost “T” structure made of 1/2 inch tan colored rigid CPVC tubing. The top of the “T” is a crossarm approximately 13 inches (33 cm) long attached to a threaded rod screwed into the center of the crossarm. The length of the crossarm and the height of the threaded upright lengths can be adjusted to suit the application.

A wide angle LED is inserted into each end of the crossarm and secured with epoxy. Internal wires inside the crossarm connect each LED to a central USB female connector protruding downward from the underside of the crossarm. The female USB terminal is shrouded by a downward pointing 1/2 inch heat shrink enclosure which protects the connections from rain. The LEDs at the ends of the crossarm also point downward when the crossarm is installed on the vertical threaded rod. The wider the distance between the LEDs, the greater the area of illumination The choice of LEDs is not critical, but the inventor has found one supplier who sells them with a 120 degree angle of dispersion and sufficient intensity to seriously light up a picnic table or a circular area of about 30 feet (9 meters).

Any power bank battery will power Camp Lamp for a considerable time because the unit functions on only 60 mA. A 2200 mA power bank will last for many hours.

The picture (above) shows the crossarm, rings at each end of the arm and the LEDs and the heat shrink shroud in the center covering the USB connector.

The inventor attached a small ring of wire to each end of the crossarm. These rings are a convenient way to pass a length of twine or small cordage through the rings and hang the crossarm from a clothes line, tree or other support.

                                             Ground spike screwed in              Four supporting rods     Power extension cable

Above are pictures of the threaded ground spike, supporting base and power cable.

The bottom of the threaded rod screws into a weighted base made from a large jar lid. It has screw in supports on four sides of the lid at 90 degree intervals around the circumference and a center steel support. These are all submerged in hardened epoxy. A spike of threaded steel is shown screwed into the base bottom for insertion into the ground, but the four inserts on the sides of the base also support four covered steel threaded rods. The combination of the center steel spike and the four external rods gives solid ground support for Camp Lamp. The device will not easily tip over if bumped or in windy conditions.

                        EMP Vault Download plans $5.00 (USD)

#5. EMP Vault is our fifth item in our Six Plans offering. It is a unique device designed to protect a USB power bank during and after an EMP attack. Whether the attack is man-made or from the sun, this enclosure is a thick steel defense.

          Camp Showr Download plans $15.00 (USD)


#6. Camp Showr is our sixth item in our downloadable plans. It is a unique apparatus by which one can take a hot shower in the woods or wash their clothes without utility electricity. It is lightweight, portable and backpacker friendly. The method pumps water from a stream, pond or bucket, heats the water, and then squirts the water out of a plastic hose. The pump is powered by a lithium-ion power bank rechargeable battery. Camp Showr is easy to construct and requires no special skills, just creative thinking and a bit of hardware.

In a grid-down situation or civil disaster, Camp Showr is a way to preserve cleanliness and body sanitation. This is a must-have item for preppers and survivalists.

Firestartr Download plans $5.00 (USD)

#7. Firestartr is our seventh item in our list of downloadable choices. Three opposing wooden matches are wrapped inside a coil of yarn and dipped in three layers of wax. Match heads at both ends allow easy lighting. Once ignited, the wax disperses over a wide area and distributes intense heat. The third match head is centered in the middle to promote the ignition of even damp wood in windy conditions or extreme cold. The package is waterproof, lightweight and low-cost. Firestartrs are easy to make and require very little time, tools or materials. Their shelf life is infinite. There is no gooey residue or contamination. The inventor prefers thick yarn in a yellow color for visibility, but any yarn can be used. The wax and matches are available at many retail stores.

Disclaimer: None of these six plans are to be shared or distributed after purchase. They are solely for the owner’s personal use. Any copying, reproduction or resale of these plans or devices is prohibited. They are not for commercial use. No discounts or refunds will be given or allowed. All sales are final. No liability is given assumed or implied for any plans or devices. © Copyright 2019 Six Plans by The Coffman Company. All rights reserved.




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