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The inventor of the Thundervolt Zapper will not destructively criticize or badmouth other zapper manufacturers or their products. But he will point out the differences. Many of our competitor’s units are only copycat versions of Hulda Clark’s 1993 model with only one output waveform. The Thundervolt zapper offers (1): two separate waveforms, (2): a Body Tester, and (3): switchability of four independent outputs. Our units are three levels of technology above other products. Our interchangeable handholds and foot pads increase the effectiveness of our ten-function zappers.

Question 1: What is a Thundervolt zapper?

A: A Thundervolt zapper is a low-voltage electronic device used to destroy human pathogens. It can* raise the vitality and well-being of the user. Using a zapper is called “zapping.” The methodology was invented in 1993 by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. She created the first zapper and a procedure to apply her technology to humans.

Question 2: What does a Thundervolt zapper do?

A: It introduces safe and effective* low-voltage pulses of electricity into a human body with handholds, footpads and connecting wires. It has the ability to kill* human parasites, fungi, molds, viruses, bacteria, toxins, and worms.

Question 3: Why is zapping necessary?

A: Every adult human carries within them about two pounds of parasites. They excrete toxins, poisons and chemicals, which pollute organs and steal body energy. The food we eat and our environment adds more pollutants and can cause diseases. Dr. Hulda Clark examined hundreds of bread products and discovered that every single loaf of bread encased in a plastic bag contained mold. Mites, ticks, wasps, mosquitoes and many other biting or stinging insects and scratching or biting animals are further sources of parasites, infections and diseases. Zapping with a Thundervolt may* offer a preventative aspect to human integrity as well as after-the-injury recovery.

Question 4: What are the benefits of Thundervolts?

A: More energy, stamina and a refreshing zest for life*, sometimes within 15 minutes after zapping. A Thundervolt destroys pathogens and free radicals. It increases the sub-atomic voltage of a human being*, and may lessen the destructive effects of cosmic rays, solar radiation and restrict the aging process.*

There are roughly 100,000 existing sources of harmful chemicals threatening human society. Most of these, including chemtrails, food additives, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, industrial and household chemicals damage flesh by free radical generation. Because Thundervolts flood the body with electrons, which eliminate free radicals and strengthen the immune system,* the need to zap is urgent. Zapping may lessen the need for prescription drugs and their usual nasty side-effects. Unlike prescriptions, there are no added costs or refills.

Thundervolts are particularly useful for women. The criss-cross exchange of outputs upon the second and third zaps puts a wide variety of waveforms across the chest area between the handholds. A great deal of medical literature suggests that this can* (1) prevent breast cancer, (2) lung cancer, or (3) clean parasites out of breast milk before an infant consumes it. All three are important issues for women.

There exists at least three sources for female breast cancer, namely, Red Dye # 40, IGF-1 from the cattle growth hormone rBST, and organochlorine compounds like PCB’s, DDT and its metabolite DDE. These dangerous substances can harm women because of free radical generation. A Thundervolt zapper, with its capacity to insert alternate waveforms into the female chest attributes, can* destroy free radicals, toxins or poisons before they have time to cause individual cell destruction or reach concentrated levels.*

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Question 5: Is there any reaction with prescription drugs?

None reported. Clark zapped thousands of people for 15 years, and in her book The Cure for all Diseases, she states that she never saw any detrimental side-effects of zapping. She mentions that eating plain yogurt is useful if you zap a lot, but eating plain yogurt is a good idea anyway.

A Thundervolt’s outputs are fixed at approximately 10 volts. With the engine turned off, a car battery has an output of 12 volts. Using a Thundervolt has less electrical potential than touching a car battery. Perhaps a million people have zapped since 1993 without reporting side-effects. There are tens of thousands of testimonials on the Internet promoting the benefits of zapping. There are reports coming out of Africa about zappers killing the AIDS virus. The Thundervolt zapper may be lethal to other viruses like swine flu, SARS and the recent Zika virus.

Question 6: Does zapping hurt?

A: Not at all. Some people may feel a slight tingle when zapping, but nothing more.

Question 7: How often is zapping required?

A: It depends on the condition of the user. The Thundervolt Body Tester is the best guide because it gives a numerical readout of body vitality. If the calculated number does not rise after zapping, increase the zapping time or the number of zap sessions.

Question 8: What do you mean, “This zapper is body-activated.”

A: The orange terminal in a Thundervolt is attached to circuitry which senses the electrical condition of the user, and the frequency on the white terminal shifts in response. When the sensor circuit “finds” a parasite, it locks onto the frequency of that pathogen and kills it. Then the circuitry disengages from that frequency and resumes searching for another parasite. This oscillation shifts continuously throughout the zapping period, and may range between 300,000 down to 10,000 cycles. This aspect of operation is totally proprietary and unique to Thundervolts. A Thundervolt device is part Rife machine (many frequencies) and part zapper (more than one frequency output at a time).

Question 9: Are zappers widely used?

A: Zapping is medically accepted around the globe. In Europe, it is called Electromedicine. On the continent, it is as common as a health spa. Zappers have been used in Asia. Truckloads of zappers have been sent to Africa.

Question 10: How long has zapping been done?

A: Nikola Tesla wrote about zapping before 1910. Drs. Clark, Gyorgyi, Reich, and Rife wrote about or zapped hundreds of thousands of people between 1920 and 1995.

Question 11: Exactly how does a Thundervolt operate?

A: Four frequencies are generated and sent to the user through wires attached to a handhold device and two footpads. This energy saturation into the human body from four different directions destroys many pathogens,* like the amoeba that is now reported to cause arthritis. We encourage the user to switch output plugs before the second, third, and/or fourth zap sessions.

Question 12: Why do Thundervolts use wall transformers instead of nine-volt batteries?

A: Thundervolts require more than ten volts to operate. A nine volt battery can only deliver nine volts. As it loses strength, it’s voltage drops to unacceptable levels. We offer a 12 volt model for those who live off-grid (without utility power), or for those who do not wish to use a wall transformer.

If Thundervolts were powered with a nine-volt battery, that would degrade the quality and frequency of the dual waveforms. Nine volts minus at least two volts consumed by the voltage drop of the circuitry equals 8 or possibly 7.5 volts at the outputs. In the author’s opinion, eight volts or below is insufficient to kill Morgellon’s parasites, candida and other pathogens buried inside organs or deeply imbeded within the intestines. Dr. Clark mentions this fact in her book. Instead of a battery, Thundervolt zappers use isolation transformers with a DC (direct current) output. Isolation means that there is no wired connection between the wall voltage and the transformer’s output voltage. There is no difference between DC from a wall transformer and DC from a battery, except that the DC voltage from the transformer will not weaken in use.

Major electric shaver manufacturers like Remington, Norelco, Wahl and many other hand-held appliances use wall transformers. If there was even the slightest risk of liability, the makers would have redesigned their products or quit making them. Wall transformers have safely powered handheld devices all over the world for many years.

Every wall transformer is Underwriters Laboratories labeled. To obtain a U.L. certification, all transformers must undergo the most rigorous safety tests imaginable. All Thundervolt transformers are U.L. (U.S.) and C.S.A. (Canadian) labeled.

All Thundervolts have a fuse between the power source and the circuitry to further protect the user.

Even if the wall transformer malfunctioned and the fuse did not blow, the integrated circuits in a Thundervolt would instantly burn out before any utility voltage could reach the outputs. To receive a harmful shock from a Thundervolt powered by wall voltage is simply not possible.

Finally, 9 volt batteries retail for about $4.50 (US) each. The inventor of the Thundervolt does not wish to penalize his customers with added costs. For those in poverty and especially cash-strapped seniors, the inventor believes the continual burden of buying batteries is too severe and unnecessary. Other manufacturers of zappers continue to require 9-volt batteries.

Question 13: Why hasn’t my doctor heard about zappers?

A: Zapping is ignored or never mentioned in almost all U.S. med schools. Students are never told about the technology. Almost all MDs graduate while totally ignorant of the benefits of zapping. Medical universities and the pharmaceutical industry consider zappers useless and unprofitable, so there is no reason to study them.

Question 14: How much does a Thundervolt zapper cost?

A: Thundervolts cost $249.95, plus Maine sales tax (if applicable). Body Testers cost $49.95. The Earthing accessory kit ($49.95) functions with the Thundervolt zapper and Body Tester for a package price of $349.85. We charge $45.00 (USD) for international shipments.

Question 15: What are the boundaries of beneficial numbers on the Body Tester?

A: Individual readings vary widely, but numbers between .0000100 and .0001400 have been reported. The higher the number, the better. Below .0000400 may indicate an infection or other malady. To measure the electrical condition of the user, we offer the Thundervolt Body Tester. It is not expensive, is quick and easy to use, and gives a factual and accurate numerical readout. There is no other way to measure the electrical condition of the user except by using our device. No other zapper manufacturer retails a Body Tester.

Question 16: When using this zapper for the first time, which order of outlet terminals do I use for plugging in the handholds and footpads?

A: The Thundervolt zapper handhold device and footpads may be plugged into their corresponding outputs in any configuration the first zap, because the user should alternate two of the black plugs for the second zap, and then switch the other two for the third and fourth zap. This gives an excellent criss-cross body saturation for eliminating various kinds of parasites or pathogens buried deep within organs or intestines.*

*according to those who zap.

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