The Coffman Company Return Policy and How To Return a Thundervolt Zapper

The Coffman Company offers a full refund of the purchase price if we receive the unit back within 30 (thirty) days of the sale date, along with the original sales slip, wall transformer, USB flash drive, handholds and footpads and all other sold equipment in original factory condition. No refunds will be accepted without the sales receipt. The shipment must include the user’s return address and a statement of why the unit is being sent back. After we receive the device(s), allow 30 days for refunds due to our bank’s policies.

The Coffman Company offers a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor of the Thundervolt devices. The limitation is dependent on the unit being returned in original factory condition, with the sales slip and all parts and aspects of the device in working order, including no cosmetic damage. Any alteration, deletion, misuse, damage, missing parts, cosmetic changes, or defects in any Thundervolt product or accessory will permanently void this offer of warranty, including the customer’s loss of original sales slip.

The Coffman Company and its distributors are not responsible for any willful destruction, over-voltage, negligence, accidental damage, normal wear and tear of accessories, including handhold or footpad wire breakage, or misuse of the unit capable of causing cessation of operation. This unit is susceptible to shorting out if the handholds or footpads are brought into contact with each other when the unit is energized. Because the Coffman Company cannot prevent this from occurring, it is the responsibility of the device owner to insure that such damage does not occur. Children should not be allowed to play with a Thundervolt or its accessories. It is a scientific instrument, not a toy.

The red, orange and white LED lights on the surface of the Thundervolt zapper flicker when in service. The green LED will light up but will not flicker. The red LED may dim or briefly go out while zapping. This is normal and not a cause for concern.

The LED lights are the user’s assurance that the unit is functioning. If any of these three indicators (red, orange, or white) fail to light up when energized, the unit is not working. If none of the four indicators illuminate, make sure the unit is plugged into a wall receptacle that has power. If the unit still does not work, try replacing the fuse. The fuse for this unit is available at any hardware store. It is a .250 amp 5mm by 20 mm fuse. The fuse is internationally recognized and available in Asian, European and American retail stores.

If this does not remedy the problem, the unit is defective. Remember to never short the handholds or footpads together when the LEDs are lit. This may destroy the electronics and render the unit defective, even if the LEDs continue to function. Damage cannot be determined by the operation of the flickering of the LEDs. The unit must be sent back to the Coffman Company for analysis and or repair.

If the unit is defective, call (207) 660-5200 for advice, and then if necessary send the unit back prepaid USPS Priority mail to:

Steve Coffman

The Coffman Company

P.O. Box 0438

Greenville Junction, ME 04442-0438


If our examination proves that the unit is defective, we will fix or replace the unit and return it without any charge.

If the Coffman Company finds that the unit stopped working due to negligence, willful destruction, or improper operation by the customer, the unit will not be replaced until the customer has paid for a new unit. No discounts will be allowed for prior purchase or customer-caused problems. (Maine residents must add 5.5% Maine sales tax to this price.)

Thundervolt Zapper Price:             $249.95

Maine sales tax: 5.5% (if applicable)             $ 13.74

Total customer cost:                  $249.95  or $263.69

The Coffman Company has engineered the Thundervolt zapper with a very rigid design. Our devices are soldered together and reinforced with bolts and nuts. We individually test every unit twice prior to shipment. Our products should provide years of service with no trouble. Thank you for purchasing our unit, and best wishes from the Coffman Company!

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