Safeguard Yourself From Chemtrails

These are chemtrails. They exist globally. You cannot continually breathe these chemicals and stay healthy. A Thundervolt zapper can neutralize their effects.*

Contrail 2
Contrails disperse very quickly; no tail. The tiny white streak is water vapor from jet engine exhaust.
Chemtrail across sky
Chemtrails leave long fat streaks in the sky and ripple into clouds. They can expand to blanket the sky.
Chemtrail from 747
A 747 spraying a load of chemtrails. The fog is not coming from the engines. It may be red or multi-colored.
Chemtrail checkerboard
A checkerboard sky laced with chemtrails. These nasty aerosols will be inhaled into human lungs.
Safeguard Yourself From Chemtrails This is where chemtrails
end up when they fall out
of the sky-in your lungs!
Thundervolts can remove
the resultant free radicals*.

Chemtrails are a threat to human life. Many people have seen them. Websites such as Stop Spraying California agree. Someone is spraying vicious pathogens and horribly toxic chemicals into our atmosphere. It is believed that every country on the planet has been repeatedly drenched. Here is a list of chemical residues that have been confirmed by multiple lab analyses:

Ethylene dibromide, modified molds, dried human red blood cells, bacteria, mutated fungi, barium, aluminum oxide, depleted uranium, anthrax spores, acetylcholine chloride, arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, zinc, live viruses, cancer cells, vaccines, polymer fibers, nematode eggs, asbestos fibers, benzene and radioactive thorium.  Source:

What is the result of this downward deluge? More than 400 dead dolphins washed ashore onto a beach in Lambayeque, Peru in 2014. Thousands of birds fell out of the sky recently in Beebe, Arkansas. Massive piles of small dead fish suddenly appeared on the shore in Jackson, Mississippi. U.S. beekeepers reported a 31% loss in bee colonies between 2013 and 2014. The USDA has confirmed a 26% drop in U.S. farm income in 2014. Hospitals are treating more and more cases of childhood autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies and lung-related diseases. Poisons from the blue are killing people, animals and crops. There is no way a human being can constantly breathe in chemtrail poisons and remain disease-free without zapping*. Sooner or later the body will succumb. Death may follow.

People who get sick from inhaling these toxic airborne compounds usually run to physicians who callously prescribe truckloads of expensive antibiotics. This useless effort wastes patients’ money and causes awful side effects, return MD visits and more misery. One wretched man the author knows takes 17 prescriptions every day and he is still sick!

But besides pathogens, there is a second danger from these streaks in the sky. Their main components are nasty chemicals like aluminum oxide, strontium, and barium sulfate. Aluminum is now believed to cause Alzheimer’s, strontium attacks bone marrow, but what is barium sulfate? The Merck manual (the medical industry’s drug reference) says: “Caution: All water or acid soluble barium compounds are poisonous.”

Chemtrail soup isn’t all alike. Some samples have 75 ingredients, others contain 500 to 1,000 different compounds. Alternate concoctions may be dispersed for logistical or geographical reasons.

Like heavily-advertised side-effect-causing drugs, chemtrails hurt the immune system because many of their components generate streams of free radicals.

Other sources of free radicals come from Smart Meters, cell phone towers, “smart” cell phones, high voltage transmission lines, microwave towers, radio and television station antennas, home WiFi radiation, and TPMS tire sensors in 2012 and later model cars. It is almost impossible to avoid some of these deadly threats. Regular and consistent Thundervolt zapping can remove the free radicals that these radiations cause*.

A free radical is an atom or group of atoms that is missing one or more electrons. A free radical is electrically positive. (The missing electron, which is negative, creates a positive charge.) But its “positive” electrical status does not mean the new entity is beneficial. If the sub-atomic structure of flesh can be visualized as a pool table completely covered with billiard balls, removing one is similar to making a free radical. The omission creates a “hole.” The deficient atom will try to steal another electron from any nearby source. If it does, the “hole” charge moves, and whatever electrical or chemical process that was dependent on that area is disrupted.

No antibiotic can restrict the formation of or eliminate free radicals. Drugs do not have excess electrons to donate to fill free radical holes.

One can only hope that none of their body cells will ever cough up a free radical in its nucleus while the cell is undergoing division! Cell death, mutation or cancer could start instantly. Free radicals can even break DNA chains.

When engine oil is repeatedly heated and exposed to the combustion process in an automobile, free radicals are created. These monsters are so destructive they can corrode engine bearings. This is one major reason for oil changes. If free radicals can eat hardened steel, imagine what they can do inside soft human tissues?

Free radicals can jump from cell to cell, starting a scary domino effect which may expand from organ to organ. This is called a cascade chain of free radicals. If this process starts, it will kill people very quickly. The brutal African virus called Ebola operates precisely in this manner. In the Congo, where it was discovered, Ebola has wiped out entire villages in 48 hours. (In 2014, Ebola arrived on the European and American continents.) Chemtrail chemicals, parasites and poisons exercise their deadly power because they generate a flood of free radicals.

But there’s good news! If a free radical (positive charge) is suddenly surrounded with electrons, (negative charge), some electrons will pierce the atomic structure and fill up the “hole.” The free radical vanishes. The solution is so simple-just return what was stolen, and the crime is solved. That’s what a Thundervolt zapper does. It makes free radicals disappear*.

By pumping electrons into what Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi called the “sub-atomic ocean inside human beings,” free radicals cease to exist. Dr. Cathcart believed Dr. Györgyi’s theory was a fact. (Visit Stiff Painful Joints link). A Thundervolt zap session floods* its user with electrons. The subsequent rise of one’s body into radical-free status may feel simply wonderful.*

Benzene is another chemical found in chemtrails. Dr. Hulda Clark, who wrote the classic book The Cure For all Diseases, said “Benzene [is] a most unthinkable pollutant” because it attacks the bone marrow, where T cells are made, and the thymus, where they are programmed.” (The author believes that the placement of benzene into foods is a calculated and deliberate attempt to weaken human immune systems and promote illness.) In 1991, four leading UCLA scientists  believed that free radicals were a major contributor to the extremely toxic and leukemia-causing effects of benzene. For more information, visit:

If you’ve ever stood at a gasoline station filling your car’s gas tank, and the wind was blowing in your direction, you probably smelled gasoline. You just inhaled some benzene.

It is known that sodium benzoate (a preservative used in many soft drinks) can damage mitochondrial DNA in yeast. Could this soda pop chemical damage human DNA? Is the damage relative to how much is consumed? Well, millions of gallons of it are gulped down every day by unsuspecting consumers. Visit

By intense electron donation, Thundervolts strengthen T cells and white cells, providing a defensive shield and an offensive weapon against pathogens, toxins and free radicals.*

Safeguard Yourself and your loved ones from Chemtrails,

chemtrail pathogens, free radicals and toxic chemicals!

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