Smart Meter Radiation Protection

Smart Meter Radiation

Smart Meters-What They Are, and Why They Are Bad For You

Smart Meters are utility meters that power companies are now installing on houses and businesses. They are replacements for the older analog meters electrical providers previously used.

Even if you are not technically trained, the difference between the two is obvious. Look closely at your utility meter. If it has a rotating disk protruding from it about 4 or 5 inches in diameter, it is an analog meter and not harmful. But if the front of the meter face lacks a rotating disk and is flat, you have a Smart Meter.

Because the utility that delivers power to your house requires something to monitor the amount of power you use, (and thus charge you for it), meters are a fact of life and cannot be avoided unless you have your own power system, like a windmill, solar cells or perhaps a hydropower dam. Most people have accepted utility meters since the 1935 Rural Electrification Act created the national power grid that now brings electricity to virtually every house in the U.S.

But lately there has been a change in the utilities’ thinking. If they could eliminate the meter readers that read the meters, they could save wads of money on personnel, vehicles and gasoline. That is their chief promotional pitch for introducing Smart Meters. They are called “smart” because they can monitor your electrical use without human intervention.

These new meters communicate with their parent utilities by invisible transmission of high-frequency waveforms, similar to radio waves. Since radio towers are commonplace, this broadcasting would seem to be acceptable and harmless.

However, the frequencies used in Smart Meters are not radio waves. FM radio waves are broadcast at 88 to 108 Megahertz. Smart Meters operate at 902 to 928 Megahertz. These higher frequencies are beamed from Smart Meters in 2 millisecond pulses.

The utilities pride themselves in telling the public that this radiation is safe because the total pulse emissions are only 45 seconds per day. That statement is a deceitful lie. If each pulse is 2 milliseconds long, that amounts to 22,500 individual pulses. Homeowner’s brains are being blasted 22,500 times every 24 hours by spikes of RF energy coming through their walls from their Smart Meters.

Also, the radiated emissions are not evenly spaced. They are randomly and spontaneously clumped together or spread out in bizarre blips. About 90% of these discharges are what the industry calls “mesh chatter” between your Smart Meter and other meters.

The real danger of this radiation depends on how close the living areas in your home are to the Smart Meter, and who is receiving that radiation. According to Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D., infants and pregnant women are extremely susceptible to these man-made radar dishes the utilities have forcibly installed outside your house. He states very firmly that Smart Meters are a threat to the human brain.

In his opinion, they can cause mental retardation in fetuses and babies and autism in children. Here is his YouTube video:

Dr. Klinghardt is not the only one screaming about Smart Meters. Dr. David Carpenter, a Harvard MD graduate, is fervently opposed to Smart Meters. Here is his video:

These medical professionals have the courage to voice their opinion against something they say will cause cancer, infertility, brain damage, learning disabilities and much more.Their opinions are backed by over 800 peer-reviewed scientific studies submitted as evidence of dangerous radio frequency biological effects.

Click on this video to see what a Smart Meter did to a homeowner’s shrubbery:

If a Smart Meter can do that to a plant, what could it do to a fetus or a young child’s brain? There have been no published studies on the effects of smart meter radiation on animals, plants or humans.

Some states like Maine offer a refusal plan called “opt-out” for those who don’t want Smart Meters. However, the utility might be allowed to charge a hefty removal fee, followed by a monthly bill for the return to an analog meter. Sadly, many states do not offer opt-out. The utility can and will install a Smart Meter with our without your consent, and there is nothing you can do about it except disconnect or move. In some of their advertising included with your monthly bill they even boast about the benefits of Smart Meters. What gall!

Although a few companies offer various forms of shielding against Smart Meter emissions, this is frequently haphazard, clumsy at best, and may be ineffective. It might even retard the transmissions of the meter, prompting a call from the utility company.

The inventor of the Thundervolt zapper theorizes that frequent zapping may block the effects of Smart Meters because zapping can strengthen the body’s internal electrical potential.*

When Smart Meter pulses bang against this reinforced “wall” of electrons, they might just bounce off. In 1950, an MD named Dr. Fredrick R. Klenner theorized  that a strong electrical body charge in a human being could block the effects of X-Rays.

If Smart Meter pulses create free radicals, Thundervolt zapping might* obliterate them by negating their positive charges. Chopstick zapping is suggested. We are the only company offering this accessory. Click on our Chopstick Zap link for details.

Why take chances with your physical well-being or those you care for? Order a Thundervolt zapper today!

*according to those who zap.

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