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Body Strength: From a male martial arts trainer: “After I zapped, my body felt stronger.” This individual is a semi-pro athlete. He regularly works out in a gym and weight-lifting room. He told the author that his personal limit on a bench press was about 225 pounds. After using his Thundervolt zapper for two weeks, he was astonished to find that he could lift 240 pounds. Athletes and trainers–take note.
Colon Bleeding: A little more than three years ago, I found bright red fluid in my commode following a BM. It is probably an internal hemorrhoid” was my personal diagnosis. I addressed it with home remedies and EFT [Gary Craig’s tapping technique.] The bleeding returned after a few days. Eventually the bleeding reoccurred when I merely urinated. My own investigation and testing technique revealed that a pre-cancerous parasitic infection of the large intestine was the cause. The bleeding continued for several months. Every few days I suffered a bleeding episode and then it started happening every day.
I seriously considered consulting an MD to diagnose my malady. I researched the possible diagnoses and standard orthodox practices. I was not willing to step on that train. The MD of choice could have ordered thousands of dollars in tests; which could be followed up by very costly drugs. Those therapies [chemo and radiation] could cause a great deal of pain and sickness for me, the unfortunate patient. It was conceivable that I would not survive the treatments!
For the last 15 years, an important part of my homeopathic routine has been electronic frequency medicine. I have experience with Rife, Bare, and Clark techniques in several different modes. Another important treatment is my specific organic diet [complete elimination of genetically modified foods.]
When I began zapping with my Thundervolt unit, I concentrated on my abdomen as well as my spinal cord. My Spasmodic Torticollis [Dystonia] condition has greatly diminished. However, the frightening colon bleeding was my utmost concern. Please note the past tense in the previous sentence. I am confident that Thundervolt zapping eliminated my intestinal infection, along with an organic diet and homemade fermented foods.
You may ask, “How often did you zap?” The first six days, I zapped each day. Afterwards, I skipped a few days. In fact, as many as ten days passed between zappings in the last six weeks. Perhaps if I had zapped every day, I would have seen results faster. Nontheless, I am a happy camper! (Loveland, OH).
Energy Increase: I purchased my first zapper in 1999 after reading a book by the late Dr. Hulda Clark. I did not notice anything different in my body after using it on a daily basis for a few months.
I ended up purchasing four more zappers over the next few years. I continued to read that many people were feeling more energy and had other health improvements after zapping, so I bought zappers from different manufacturers. I still was not experiencing benefits or changes in my health or energy level, so I eventually stopped using them.
I am a subscriber to a few online health forums. In January 2013 someone posted a brief message regarding the Thundervolt zapper. I checked out the website and the information seemed very well documented. And there was a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Also, the Thundervolt had unique features including interchangeable outputs, body-activation, and frequency-freeze, which I had not seen in other zappers. I called the company and asked Steve lots of questions.
In February 2013, I bought a Thundervolt. I am very glad that I did. After about 10 days of daily use, I experienced a definite increase in my energy and sense of well-being. This zapper IS different from all the other zappers I have used.
Finally, a zapper that works for me! I immediately called a girl friend and told her that she had to get one. She did purchase a Thundervolt and is very happy with it. Thank you very much Steve. You have my permission to place this testimonial on your website. (Detroit, MI., May 2013).
Energy Increase: I could not be happier about every aspect of my Thundervolt from the detailed instructions to the build-quality of the instrument. Even your choice of metals for the handholds and footpads is inspired. I must say I felt great after only one zapping session. [He got what the inventor calls “the bounce” of energy.] I’ll appraise you of my progress with the zapper down the line. Best Wishes. (California, 2013.)
Herpes: Herpes is gone, 100% gone in three days and has not returned! I had open sores and such itching that it could have driven me nuts…and I was crying in pain every day with no relief from the misery. The first day I zapped for just 15 minutes three times cross-zapping. Then I increased the sessions to 20 minutes each zap and four sessions. I am rejoicing. Thanks so much. (Cleveland, Arkansas).
High Blood Pressure: It’s been very hard for me to cope with hypertension, or HBP. My stressful job made my HBP worse. All I did was go to work, then absolutely flop in bed to bring the pressure back down. With my hectic schedule, I often got HBP flare-ups, and that made me discouraged.
Almost in despair, I researched the causes of HBP. Many Lyme patients, like me, also got hypertension. And my stressful lifestyle made my Lyme disease worse. Then I realized zapping was the most effective way to destroy the bacterial Lyme spirochete. No drugs, no side effects, zap anytime I want, and no doctor bills or untimely hospital visits.
I found out Lyme damages the sympathetic nervous system, which controls blood pressure, and HBP spikes.
I zapped with my Thundervolt for three days in a row, and guess what-my HBP is down! Not perfect, but great reduction. I am so grateful to get my hypertension under control, because drugs were not effective for many friends of mine.
Resistant Hypertension affects more than half of 80 million people diagnosed with HBP. Blood pressure drugs do not fix the underlying cause of high blood pressure; they just hide the problem and only sometimes controls the numbers. I remember that my mother was on seven blood pressure meds, none of which worked during her 250/150 BP occurrences. Even IV meds during her many hospital stays were not effective.
My Mom and I were diagnosed with Lyme Disease 30 years ago in New Jersey. We were frequently covered with ticks. I wish we had your Thundervolt zapper then. It could’ve saved her life. Forever grateful, I’m happy! (Rhode Island).
Lyme Disease: In July 2013, I was diagnosed with Bartonella Lyme Disease. My health fell apart. I could barely function from crushing fatigue. It affected my eyesight, lungs and heart. But I found the Thundervolt zapper online, and bought one.
After a week of zapping, my eyesight improved, my lungs cleared, and my heart felt normal again. My eczema also regressed, and the itchiness and flaking were gone. I previously had mouth lesions that would have required surgery, but they disappeared! My MDs blood tests proved I had knocked out Lyme disease.
I believe the Thundervolt zapper killed my pathogens and possibly saved my life. I AM A BELIEVER. THIS ZAPPER WORKS. Do not hesitate to try it, even if you don’t have serious health issues. It is a phenomenal tool to help your body stay well and gives you an added energy boost everyone can use. (Rhode Island).
Migraines: I randomly and consistently get migraines. They hurt a lot, and really foul up my life. The pain can last for days. Now, when I feel one coming on, I reach for my Thundervolt. Within 15 minutes, the pain disappears. (Brownville, Maine).
Migraines: I want to thank you for the Thundervolt zapper. The cost is nothing compared to what it does for me. I use it every chance I get and that’s often. Zapping doesn’t hurt, and I feel wonderful afterward. I had arthritis in my knees and feet, and also suffered from migraines. Now I feel a lot less sore and much peppier. I haven’t had a migraine in quite some time. My zapper is always there when I need it, and it costs a lot less than going to therapy for the rest of my life.
Psoriasis: This lady used a Thundervolt to successfully combat an outbreak of psoriasis and a subsequent tooth infection. She is adamant: “When I was stricken with food poisoning, my entire body ached, from my head to my feet. The day after I zapped, the pains totally disappeared.” Her other quote: “I couldn’t run that fast before I zapped!” (Farmington, Maine).
Stress Relief: “Quote from a stressed-out real estate broker after she zapped: “I feel like I could work another eight hours.”
Tapeworms: Over the course of 15 years, I have been using, studying and making zappers. I have had the opportunity to use almost all of the zappers commercially available, and while all of them worked to some degree, I’ve never found one that I could state “it cleared and eliminated my struggles with parasites and fatigue.” After using my Thundervolt zapper, I felt that this was the first time I had truly zapped. Within one week’s time, I passed two 24 inch tapeworms and their scolexes (heads). All of the other zappers I’ve used got rid of my fatigue for about a week or so and then it would return. With the Thundervolt, the fatigue hasn’t returned at all and I continue to feel stronger. Using this device was the best thing I could have done, as it has given me back a healthy life. (Asheville, North Carolina).
War Diseases:  My name is Robert. I live in Lincoln, Maine.  I am a VietNam veteran with a number of Agent Orange health problems. I have suffered from chronic sinus and ear infections for years. Prescription antibiotics have not helped. For what I believe was a very nominal cost, I purchased a Thundervolt Zapper in March 2013. The first two times I zapped I encountered a Herxheimer die-off reaction, but it was very mild and soon passed. A few zap sessions removed my ear discomforts and put an end to those agonies.
Some years ago, I was also diagnosed with COPD by the Veterans Administration. Zapping has cleared up my congestion in a big way. Prior to zapping, I had to use a nebulizer two or three times a day for congestion. I have only had two occasions since zapping to use the nebulizer. My Agent Orange related symptoms used to leave me quite tired. Zapping has given me more stamina and alertness and less prone to naps.
I feel better when I extend my zap time. I am presently doing four sessions of 20 minute zaps each, with a 30 minute rest period in between. Beyond 20 minutes, I can feel the difference in terms of energy, and a refreshing feeling spreads throughout my body. Thank you for the info you provided. As what I have written suggests, I am now a fan of the Thundervolt Zapper. I highly recommend it. (Lincoln, Maine).
Wasp stings: Quote from a woman suffering from a wasp sting: “After I zapped, the inflammation went down very quickly, and so did the pain.”

A Brief Expository on Agent Orange

From 1966 to 1972, the United States military sprayed more than 12 million gallons of Agent Orange (a toxic dioxin-powered herbicide) over about 4.5 million acres of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The government of Vietnam estimated that 500,000 civilians died from this action. The legacy continued with high levels of birth defects in saturated regions. Decades later, tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers still suffer from Agent Orange and other war-related ailments like Gulf War Syndrome.

Chemicals like Agent Orange attack the immune system and create streams of free radicals. The author believes that a Thundervolt zapper can greatly help these veterans. The purchase price of $249.95 is much less than enduring round after round of antibiotics, which can be ineffective and create more problems. Buy a Thundervolt today!

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