Stiff Painful Joints

Arthritis-Like Symptoms

“I’m very pleased with my Thundervolt zapper. It zaps the hands and feet at the same time. After using it for a couple of months, I noticed that my hands, feet, wrists and ankles no longer get stiff and painful from exercise, etc. I zap for about an hour a day while watching TV. It’s very convenient.” (San Antonio, Texas.)

Hi Steve. Want to share a great report with you and your wife. I had mentioned that I had company all week and I would not be able to zap until they were on their way. Well, they left this afternoon but I decided to mention the Thundervolt to them. My friend Tammy has Rheumatoid Arthritis and suffers greatly, especially with her hands. She had large nodules on one hand and severe pain. I watched her get up every morning and sit on the sofa and go through her exercises. When she rubbed one hand in particular she would literally flinch with the pain it caused. Her hands were stiff and one morning I had to open a bottle for her. Her hands were not working at all.

I asked her if I could zap her for three sessions of 10 min and 20 min in between. I read her your article on Stiff Painful Joints and she said “Yes.”  Her energy level increased on the Body Tester meter but she did not say anything the next day. Today she said, “I didn’t want to say anything yesterday, but I do not have pain this morning in my hands and they are not stiff.” I said,  “Do you want to zap again before you leave, and she did.”  I did the 3 time zap again and we watched those nodules on her hand decrease to barely visible. No pain today either and great movement.  Her husband was absent for a couple days and when he arrived here she held out her hands and said to him, “Do you notice anything Matt?”  He smiled really wide and said, “Your bump is gone-what did you do, smack it with something?”

She said, “No, my friend zapped me with her zapper, and I have no pain and free movement, and my bump has almost disappeared.” (Homer, Alaska)

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