Zappers vs. Magnetics

Zapper technology or Magnetic Pulse? Which is better?

There are websites that promote devices using electrically generated lines of magnetic flux, claiming to relieve human maladies and ailments. Some of these sites sharply criticize zapper technology, and others say that zapping is harmful to individuals suffering from Morgellon’s or similar diseases.

The owner of the Thundervolt zapper will not destructively criticize another man’s opinion or his invention, but he will point out differences between a Thundervolt zapper and other devices.

Having said the above statement, allow the author to review the merits of electronic zapper pulses verses generated magnetic waves.

All living organisms function because of constant streams of electrons. All human organs, including the brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, liver and muscles work because of moving pulses of electrical power. No one can think for one second without thousands of electrons flowing between brain neurons. An individual would be blind without a flow of energy from their retinas through the optic nerves to the brain. One could not walk without charges traveling through nerves to excite leg muscles into motion. And the heart could not pump blood without excitation from it’s internal pulse generator to stimulate the heart muscles to make the heartbeat.

No human organ in the science of medicine relies on magnetic forces. Stationary magnets may be therapeutic if positioned against the skin, but that is not the same thing as pulsating lines of magnetic flux.

The Thundervolt electronic theory of zapping is backed by 11 MDs, Ph.Ds and D.Sc.s. None of those professional authorities mention magnetic waves.

In the 1880s to 1900s, Nikola Tesla patented many devices that seemed to be beneficial to human beings. These devices did not use magnetic forces. They all used electricity.

Today, modern doctors use electrocardiograms, or EKG instruments to collect electrical pulses from their patient’s chests. They study these pulses with medical tools to detect heart conditions and defects. Physicians also use electroencephalograms, or EEGs to monitor the human brain. Both kinds of testing are done using the body’s internal flows of electrons. Neither technology is based on magnetic waves.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or (MRI) is a type of scanning machine that generates strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed internal images of the body. However, this technology does not depend on magnetic fields originating from the patient because humans cannot create magnetic forces. Like X-Rays, the MRI waves are only used as a visual tool to see inside organs. MRI is not used therapeutically for healing purposes.

Some people suggest that parasites feed on zapper pulses. This idea is entirely false. A typical parasite is perhaps .001 of an inch long. It generates roughly one to five microvolts of electricity at a specific frequency. Zappers operate at nine to 12 volts. If the nine to 12 volt potential of a zapper is superimposed against the pathogen, what happens? The pathogen either short-circuits or explodes.

No one would be foolish enough to willingly insert their finger into a wall socket. They might get electrocuted. The same thing happens with a pathogen. It simply cannot withstand overwhelming voltage against itself.

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi’s thesis entitled The Bioelectronic Theory of Life describes a pulsating swish of electrons in human beings. He does not mention magnetic power or North and South polarities. Likewise, the entire animal world does not exist because of magnetism. They too function because of Albert’s force field of electrons.

In conclusion, the creator of the Thundervolt zapper does not believe magnetic pulse devices have any beneficial effect on humans. But we also have a Body Tester, which can measure and inform our customers of the benefits of zapping. No one else sells a Body Tester for retail sale.

Other benefits of zapping

Electrocution of parasites with zapper pulses is superior to oral intake of herbs, probiotics or supplements. This is because streams of electrons imported into human cell structures from zapping terminals donate far greater numbers of electrical charges than anything that can be swallowed. Additionally, gulping down any substance must subsequently resist the effects of digestion, enzyme actions, and acids and alkaline solutions in the stomach and intestines. Transportation into capillaries only .001 of an inch wide and introduction into the blood stream further dilutes the concentration. If captured by the kidneys, an additional loss results.

If you take a supplement to combat a toe infection, what starts out in the mouth at 100% ends up in your little toe at 2% or less. But electrons are not affected by digestion, pH changes from acid to alkaline, dilution in the blood stream or excretion in the bladder. They do not suffer damage from chewing!

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